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    A comprehensive 13-week UBD Teaching program for Stage 5 Information & Software Technology: Option Topic 1: AI, Modelling & Simulation.

    The unit includes a flexible teaching program written for teachers with little or no experience in delivering Artificial Intelligence, Modelling & Simulation. The unit also provides exclusive access to tutorials by the author Tanya Duffy for MS Excel at a whole new level of creativity.

    Directly meets all outcomes for Stage 5 Information & Software Technology: AI, Modelling & Simulation option and many from the following core topics:
    * Design, Produce & Evaluate
    * Data Handling
    * Hardware
    * Software

    Design Brief
    Your class has been commissioned to create a simple quiz using MS Excel to demonstrate your understanding of modelling and simulation. The target audience may be from the range of 5 years to adult and may include simple macros and/or graphics. The Quiz must also include a comprehensive set of instructions which includes images and rules for the quiz.

    Restraints & Limitations
    * Must include User Instructions
    * Quiz topic and content must be approved by the class teacher
    * Optional use of two or more action buttons (programmed in VB for applications)
    * Must have some educational value and not contain any inappropriate matter, including violence, rude or crude references
    * Students are required to maintain a digital portfolio of their project work

    Pack includes:

    UBD Quiz IT Teaching Program
    48-page Quiz IT Student Workbook (digital)
    Quiz IT Student Workbook (Answers)
    Quiz IT Student ePortfolio Template with prompts
    5 Samples of Student Work
    Multiple Examples of practical Excel Quiz’s
    Access to exclusive video tutorials by author Tanya Duffy
    Suggested Grading Guide

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    Excellent resource. Would highly recommend it.

Quiz IT

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Units Sold: 2
A comprehensive teaching program providing 13 weeks of teaching and learning resources aimed at supporting teachers with little or no experience in the area of IST: AI, Modelling & Simulation.


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