Reality Sort – Possible or Impossible Sort

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Reality Sorter is a whimsical game for primary students, challenging them to decide if sentences describe possible or impossible scenarios. Guided by adorable bulldogs, students place a bone to signify their judgment, fostering critical thinking through a fun, interactive experience.


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Reality Sorter is an engaging and educational game designed for primary school students to sharpen their critical thinking skills. In this game, students are presented with a series of intriguing sentences that describe various activities or scenarios. Their task is to determine whether each statement is possible or impossible.

Accompanied by adorable bulldog characters, each sentence prompts students to place a bone to the right of the bulldog that represents their judgment—possible or impossible. The charming bulldogs eagerly await the students’ decisions, adding an element of fun to the learning process.

The game encourages students to think logically and consider the feasibility of each statement. From everyday activities to fantastical scenarios, “Reality Sorter” challenges young minds to distinguish between the achievable and the outlandish. As they navigate through the sentences, students not only enhance their reasoning skills but also enjoy a playful and interactive experience. “Reality Sorter” is a delightful way to nurture critical thinking in a whimsical and entertaining setting.


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