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Sensory Scavenger Hunt Posters – Physical

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Sensory Scavenger Hunt Posters – Physical

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Product Description

A new twist on the classic scavenger hunt!

This poster pack helps students to understand the sensory properties that are associated with food. It also allows students to explore a range of food presentation techniques and plating styles. There is a 10-page worksheet for students to go through which includes a descriptive word bank for students to use. There is a “brain stretch” question that can be used to extend students at your discretion. This resource was created to meet the outcomes and dot points that are in the “relevant to:” section below.

Teachers set out the 20 laminated posters either around the classroom, building or school (depending what is suitable for you and your students). Students then search to find certain icons on the posters to answer the questions allocated to them. Students then go through the worksheets referencing the posters.

Pack includes:

  • 20 x A4 timeline posters laminated
  • 10-page in depth student worksheet
  • Teacher instructions


Relevant to:

Stage 5 from Food Technology Years 7-10 Syllabus 2019

  • Justifies food choices by analysing the factors that influence eating habits FT5-7
  • Discuss reasons for cooking food, for example: (ACTDEK045)
    • sensory properties, e.g. colour, flavour, texture
    • safety
  • Investigate the importance of food presentation and service for special occasions, for example: (ACTDEK045)
    • garnishing and decorating techniques
  • Investigate trends in food presentation and styling, for example: (ACTDEK045)
    • garnishing and decorating
    • photography
    • plating styles


Resource Type: Activity, Posters

Physical Product: 20 x A4 laminated Posters, 10-page student worksheet

Please note: This pack has been downsized from 30 posters down to 20 posters as of April 2020. The price has been reduced from to reflect this alteration.

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