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A detailed recipe book suitable for students in stage 4. Recipes are edited to be used in bay settings with approx 4 students per bay. Just copy and paste the ingredients and you are ready to go. Recipes are designed for younger students with minimal cooking skills.


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This resource includes 9 beautifully edited recipes ready to go. Four Recipes include suitable questions for reflection students can complete after the practical in class or for homework.

Recipes include:

Honey joys
Cheesy Beef Quesadillas (including an evaluation)
Easy Peasy Banana Bread (including an evaluation)
Veggie fries with Guacamole
Mini Choc Lava Cakes
Carbonara Pasta
Dumplings -2 different ways (including an evaluation)
Easy Chocolate Chip Brownies
Nut and Egg Free Choc Chip Cookies (including an evaluation)


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