Teaching HSC Food Technology Successfully Additional Licence

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Additional Licence


Teaching HSC Food Technology Successfully Additional User Licences

If a member of your faculty has attended this course or completed the online course, you will be eligible to purchase an additional licence or a faculty licence.

Once you put an order through for a licence, we will review your request to ensure a staff member from your school has attended the course. Once confirmed,  you will receive access for the number of users you have purchased a licence.

If you have any questions regarding licences, please email [email protected]



Resource Licensing Policy
Please be aware that any company content, resources and materials purchased from Teacher Professional Development is permitted to one (1) user unless a larger licence is purchased. If a larger licence is purchased, the licence only permits that number of users access to use these materials and resources. The faculty licence is only accessible for use within the faculty of the school or organisation that purchases the licence.

It is in violation of the Copyright Act to share, reproduce, redistribute, sell, broadcast, rent, lend, create derivative works of, licence, or otherwise transfer or use any company course content unless we give you explicit permission to do so. You may not post or otherwise make any resource available on any website.

Teacher Professional Development sellers own and maintain the intellectual property rights to their resources and grant licenses to use such resources and materials. When you purchase a resource, you’re purchasing a license to use the resource in accordance with the terms of this resource licensing policy.


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