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This online course is designed to provide teachers with engaging resources, including a complete unit of work, for the new Engineered Systems context area. This course is a fantastic opportunity for design and technology teachers to get hands-on experience with designing, prototyping and testing an engineered system that demonstrates force, motion, and energy. Teachers will gain a clear understanding of how to follow an engineering design process to create and communicate innovative solutions to authentic problems. Teachers will learn about the engineering design principles that underpin this process.   Gaining knowledge and practical skills needed to create student projects that produce sustainable engineered systems, machines, and structures. As an industrial designer and experienced engineering teacher, I can provide you with some useful tips and strategies to engage all your students in studying the new syllabus in the following sessions:

  • Introduction to Engineered Systems and unpacking course content and outcomes
  • Practical focus – design, communicate and construct an engineered systems
  • Theory focus – learn engineering concepts and about the role of engineers in our society.


This course is fantastic for teachers who are teaching Technology Mandatory from the new syllabus in 2019 who wish to enhance their strategies, content knowledge and resources. Year 7 and Year 8.


  • Functional project to make (Pinball Machine)
  • Design folio
  • Supporting resources
  • Unit of work


Session 1 – Introduction to Engineered Systems and unpacking course content and outcomes.

  • Review students prior knowledge of engineered systems
  • Learn what makes a suitable engineered system project for Stage 4 students.
  • Explore the syllabus requirements for design and production processes.

Session 2 – Practical focus – design, communicate and construct an engineered systems

  • Ideate using design thinking techniques to develop students critical and creative thinking skills.
  • Explore how sketching, modelling and CAD are used in engineering design to communicate design solutions.
  • Learn how to construct an engineered system using a broad range of materials to produce a quality product.

Session 3 – Theory focus – learn engineering concepts and the role of engineers in our society.

  • Investigate how force, motion and energy operate within engineered systems to optimise design solutions.
  • Learn how engineers classify materials and define material properties to aid design solutions.
  • Explore the role of engineers in our society.

Session 4 – Feedback

  • Review unit and marking criteria for project.
  • Complete course feedback

Delivery Format Online 24/7 access to learn at your own pace. Duration 4.5 hours

Teaching Standards

2.1.2 Proficient Level – Apply knowledge of the content and teaching strategies of the teaching area to develop engaging teaching activities.

6.2.2 Proficient Level – Participate in learning to update knowledge and practice, targeted to professional needs and school and/or system priorities.

29 reviews for Technology Mandatory – Engineered Systems Online Course Pinball

  1. (29)

    diane sukkar, liverpool girls high school

    Not suitable for year 8- design construction of the pinball would be challenging

  2. (29)

    Lukkana Wangdechawat, Liverpool Girls High School

    Way too complicated for stage 4 students and require way too many materials in the project. The project required quite a precise skills to successfully constructed.

  3. (29)

    Karen Hook, East Hills Girls Technology High School

    Easy to follow; great visual links; great resources

  4. (29)

    Dave Elith, Taree Christian College (Verified user)

    Great balance of theory and coal face practical work

  5. (29)

    Anthony Van den Driest, Shearwater The Mullumbimby Steiner School (Verified user)

    Informative in delivering relevant projects and inspirational in that I was able to come up with a lot of other projects and options to get the outcomes in a fun way for my students and inspire them towards further inquiry

  6. (29)

    Tanya Crough (Cheers), Toormina High (Verified user)

  7. (29)

    liam austen, erina high

    Great course but the materials video sound cut out half way and came back at the end

  8. (29)

    Elise Ward, Coonamble High School (Verified user)

  9. (29)

    liam austen, erina high

  10. (29)

    Areeya Nipathakosol, Canterbury Boys High School (Verified user)

    The lessons were clear, fun and easy to understand. The instructor knew the contents very well and has a clear explanation.

  11. (29)

    Jeff Thornton, Narooma High School (Verified user)

    Should give me some good ideas to work with

  12. (29)

    Sandra Bartholomew, McAuley Catholic College

    Easy to follow and fun

  13. (29)

    Nardia Hill, McAuley Catholic College

    Very easy to understand the steps involved in the practical task.

  14. (29)

    Stephen Scott, Georges River College Penshurst Girls Campus (Verified user)

    The course was very practicable and due to being all through online videos, I could complete things in my downtime / planning lessons. It allowed me to up-skill in materials and engineering in a practical and engaging manner and has removed any concerns I had about the concepts for Technology Mandatory. An excellent course – thank you!

  15. (29)

    Judith Woods, Gulgong High School (Verified user)

    Extremely thorough and gave a really good background to engineering and making a pinball machine from the beginning.

  16. (29)

    Katrina Wilkins, St Catherines (Verified user)

    I found the all the components really usefully and have provided me with a great starting point to develop an engineering unit.

  17. (29)

    Mitchell Adams, Nambucca Heads High School (Verified user)

    Most valuable course I have done in a long time.

  18. (29)

    Emily Deighton, Wagga Wagga Christian College (Verified user)

    I really enjoyed this course, the videos were the a good length, terms well explained.

  19. (29)

    Tania Gosden, Cerdon College (Verified user)

  20. (29)

    Erin Bright, Sathya Sai College, Dungay NSW (Verified user)

    Simplified nicely

  21. (29)

    mark hernage, Byron bay High School (Verified user)

  22. (29)

    Suzanne Day, Mccarthy Catholic College, Tamworth (Verified user)

  23. (29)

    Luke Elliott, Saint Clare’s Catholic High School

  24. (29)

    Michelle Wagner, Domremy College (Verified user)

    Provided me with some great resources and ideas for use within our programs

  25. (29)

    Matthew Stanley, Irrawang High School (Verified user)

    The course wasnt really what i had expected. The booklets and worksheet need to be developed better. I paid for this course out of my own pocket thinking that it was a complete ready to go unit of work however i still needed to design lesson and worksheets to go along with the theroy and the CAD files are not very good. I had to pretty much develop the learning resources myself. The only real usefuf thing to me where the instructional videos on how to make the pinball machine and the program. Other than that i dont think this course was worth the money i spent on it.

  26. (29)

    jane gallagher, Camden Haven High School (Verified user)

    Great for a new teacher to Engineering Systems!

  27. (29)

    Rochelle Scoular, Mamre Anglican School (Verified user)

    I love the project and the resources. My students are going to be thrilled with making this project. It would be good to get a copy of the “Theory” videos so we can refresh before we teach those lessons.

  28. (29)

    Terry – Jane Walker, Rouse Hill (Verified user)

    Encouraging and informative

  29. (29)

    Dean Coggan, McAuley Catholic College, Grafton

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