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These worksheets are differentiated for a variety of ages/grades to learn or review the Ten Commandments.  These are geared toward the Catholic faith.


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Here’s a set of cut and paste worksheet activities for the Ten Commandments for big and little kids! The pages are differentiated for various ages/grades. They also are for repetition to help with memorization.


The pages included are….

• 4 stone tablets – 2 in color (1 with roman numerals, 1 with plain numerals), 2 in bw (1 with roman numerals, 1 with plain numerals)

• 2 lists of Commandments to glue on to the stone tablets (1 for big kids and 1 for little ones)

• 1 worksheet to place the Commandments in order from 1-10

• 2 cut & paste worksheets to place the number of the Commandment next to the Commandment (1 with roman numerals, 1 with plain numerals)

• 2 Commandment strips to cut apart and place in order on a separate paper (page is provided for the one for younger kids)

• 1 page to cut out words and glue them in the correct location to complete the Commandments

• 8 answer keys for all worksheets


These activities are good for a variety of ages/grades and are perfect for learning, memorizing, or reviewing the 10 Commandments!



NOTE: This is for the Catholic version of the 10 Commandments.



UPDATE: On the page to cut and paste the Commandment number for “littles” (simplified words), one of the Commandments was duplicated, so that was corrected. Also, some of the wording was updated to make it easier to understand. This is shown in the last thumbnails. (05/21/2021)

UPDATE: Answer Keys have been added for all of the pages. These pages are shown in the preview. (05/22/2021)



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