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This is a set of 2 different coloring booklets for younger or older kids to learn or review the Ten Commandments.


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This is a set of 2 coloring booklets for the 10 commandments for kids.


The first booklet is for big kids. It’s written with the exact words from the bible.
The second booklet is for little kids. It’s written in simple terms for them to be able to understand. Stick kids are used so that none of the images are violent or hard to understand. There are 3 covers…little kids, big kids, and kids.


The last page of both booklets is the Commandments based on the Catholic version. Also included are directions for how to assemble the booklets.


NOTE: This is the Catholic version of the 10 Commandments.



UPDATE: (07/28/2020) These booklets have been fully updated to include….

1. Larger clear font with the name of the Commandment for coloring

2. Page borders with the Commandment number for ease in knowing the Commandment order

3. More user friendly words for the Commandments for little kids

4. Cover that says “Kids” instead of “Big Kids” or “Little Kids” so you can choose which suits your needs the best

These updates cannot be seen in the preview.



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