Textiles Earring Design Challenge

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This Textiles Earring Design Challenge is a fun and engaging resource for your Stage 5 Textiles students!

Using the 11-page worksheet, students can learn to design their very own earrings with the help of their Splat 3D tool and 25 minutes worth of video tutorials. Students also investigate the elements of design and incorporate them into their drawings. A series of questions and engaging activities have been included in this worksheet, which can be completed by students in class or as an assessment task.

Teachers opting to set the Textiles Earring Design Challenge as an assessment task for their students can also use the marking criteria included in this resource pack.

A lesson plan with teacher instructions and links to the video tutorials has also been included in this resource pack to make implementing this resource in the classroom a breeze!

This resource can be completed with or without the Splat 3D tool. The Splat 3D tool is sold separately and can be purchased here.

Pack includes:

  • 1 x 11-page Textiles Earring Design Challenge worksheet (PDF) with video tutorial links.
  • 1 x Textiles Earring Design Challenge assessment task marking criteria.
  • Lesson plan with teacher instructions.


TEX5-4 generates and develops textile design ideas

TEX5-8 selects and uses appropriate technology to creatively document, communicate and present design and project work

  • generate and develop design ideas using drawing and rendering techniques, for example: (ACTDEP049)
    • scaled pencil sketches
    • tonal colouring techniques using watercolour media
    • graphics or CAD drawing programs
  • use a variety of techniques to communicate and present the development of design ideas, for example:
    • visual and graphical
    • text based, eg word processing
    • multimedia
    • oral presentation
  • evaluate the designing and producing of a textile item using a variety of techniques including self evaluation and peer evaluation, for example: (ACTDEP051)
    • a self-reflection record, journal or blog
  • explore the creative design approaches used by a variety of textile designers (ACTDEP049)
  • investigate the elements of design, for example:

line, direction, shape, size, colour, value and texture