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Written in consultation with Karen Isaac (Oakhill College’s Coordinator of Aborinal and Torres Strait Islanders) and endoresed by the DEC *Regional Aboriginal Team. This unit aims to use Aboriginal knowledge authentically and productively with students by incorporating the 8 Aboriginal Ways of Learning. ‘Teaching through Aboriginal process and protocols, not just Aboriginal content validates and teachers through Aboriginal culture and may enhance the learning for all students.’ (8 Aboriginal Ways Ways of Learning Factsheet, 2012)

There is no pre-requisit for teachers to have undergone training in the 8 Aboriginal Ways of Learning as the symbols have been incorporated into the learning materials.

The history of the labyrinth goes back some 4000 years or more. It speaks to how different communities approach life and is useful in understanding the spiritual connection Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders have to the land and the people within it. * The Reginal Aboriginal Education Team from Western Region of NSW is responsible for research and ongoing develop of 8ways, management of the wiki and obervance of cultural protocols.



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A comprehensive unit of work for stage 4 Material Technologies. Written for teachers with little or no experience in 3D Printing and Graphic Design. The unit includes a flexible teaching program with three Design Briefs, student workbooks and solutions and exclusive access to online videos (Classical Labyrinth Seed Pattern, TinkerCAD for the Teacher, TinkerCAD Getting Started (for the student), TinkerCAD Draw a 3D Classical Labyrinth) Students will develop their own 3D Printed Labyrinth, either as a finger labyrinth or one enclosed in a plywood case with Perspex lid (mixed materials). Created to directly meet all outcomes for Stage 4 Technology Mandatory: Material  Technologies syllabus.  

Design Situation: The labyrinth is a single path that leads to the central space and back out again, along the same path. Labyrinths can be made by marking out a path using rocks or hedges, tiles or drawing with chalk. They differ from a maze in that there is a single path. Labyrinths have been used in many cultural and religious settings as an aid to pray, reflection and meditation. However, they can be walked by persons of any faith or none.

Following the path of a labyrinth provides an opportunity to withdraw from the things that occupy your mind, or it may be used to help you reflect deeply upon those things, or to working on resolving problems and issues thereby, defining pathways and identifying with oneself. Flexibility has been built into the unit, providing the teacher and school the ability to tailor to the needs of the student and school resource availability. In addition, the teaching program provides suggestions to support students requiring learning support.

Pack includes:

  • UBD The Labyrinth Teaching Program
  • Keyword Glossary Activity
  • The Labyrinth Student Workbook (digital)
  • The Labyrinth Student Workbook (print version)
  • The Labyrinth Student Workbook (solutions)
  • Exclusive links to video tutorials (from within the teaching program)  


  • designs, communicates and evaluates innovative ideas and creative solutions to authentic problems or opportunities TE4-1DP
  • plans and manages the production of designed solutions TE4-2DP
  • selects and safely applies a broad range of tools, materials and processes in the production of quality projects TE4-3DP
  • investigates how the characteristics and properties of tools, materials and processes affect their use in designed solutions TE4-9MA
  • explains how people in technology related professions contribute to society now and into the future TE4-10TS

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