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Totems: Our resource enriches student understanding of Aboriginal spirituality, focusing on totems. It empowers teachers to deliver this topic with cultural confidence. Through easy to follow worksheet and creative activities students connect with Indigenous traditions, fostering respect and knowledge of the rich tapestry of Australian culture.


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This worksheet provides clear support for teaches teaching Aboriginal Spirituality. Students build an understanding of the concepts of totems and how to connect to the Aboriginal way of life. This pack provides clear teacher instructions with sample answers to assist with teacher delivery. This lesson could be delivered over a multitude of contexts:

  • Aboriginal Studies
  • Stage 4/5 History
  • Stage 3 History
  • Stage 4 Technology Mandatory
  • Stage 5 Food Technology
  • Stage 6 Food Technology

Pack includes:

  • 2 page student worksheet
  • 2 page teacher instructions with sample ANSWERS

A must-have for anyone teaching Aboriginal Studies! Boost your students’ grasp of the wonderful world of totems with this resource.


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