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Leverage elite teaching techniques that set you apart and that every student wants to take again and again.


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Here’s How To Become The Elite Trainer You Were Meant To Be…Maverick…

(The trainer EVERY Trainee Wants To Learn From)

Do you know why most trainers leave the profession?

Because they feel drained and don’t enjoy THEMSELVES.

Trainers that get their class to “fall in love” with them by the end of the first day will experience fewer discipline problems in their classroom.

The problem is that the #1 fear of any learner is looking foolish in front of others…

…and most trainers UNCONSCIOUSLY trigger this fear every day.

FACT: Businesses Need Rock Star Trainers

(…Who Actually Know What They’re Doing)

If you’re here, you already know that having elite, master trainers is an important aspect of any training strategy.

But, if you’re like most businesses, your trainers are not doing it as well as you they should be.

That’s because the top trainers that get “perfect evaluations” know secrets that other trainers don’t…

…secrets like:

✓ Trainees will learn almost twice as much from a trainer they RESPECT and TRUST.

✓ One of the most powerful times to build a relationship with a trainee is actually before class even starts.

✓ The position of your hands, where you stand, who you look at, and what you look at can have a profound impact on how your trainees perceive you as an instructor.

✓ Many trainers show nervousness to their trainees, and don’t even know they’re doing it.

✓ The precise steps to gain trust in the classroom are very different depending on whether you have natural or “learned” confidence.

✓ When trainees feel the pace is too fast, they’re not really talking about how fast you are going.

✓ The impression of how good your class will be is made within the first 30 minutes of class, and YOUR individual impression is made within 10 minutes of meeting you.

✓ Trainees will enjoy themselves far more if YOU are enjoying YOURSELF.

✓ The more knowledgeable you become about the topics you teach, the harder it is to make them easy to understand.

✓ Trainees SUBCONSCIOUSLY interpret your facial expressions to determine whether they like you and your class.

✓ From the moment they first sit down, the #1 need of your learners is to feel safe in your classroom.

✓ The board is the most effective visual aid in the classroom to help trainees understand challenging concepts, even more so than power points or modern media.

✓ When a trainee asks you a question, it’s not whether you know the answer that determines whether you should answer the question.

✓ Women and men must use different vocal tone techniques to speak effectively and build credibility in their classroom.

✓ The “opener” you use to start each class and lesson can make or break the success of that class or the lesson itself.

✓ You can reduce the number of problems you have with pace, understanding, engagement, and people following along by as much as 50% simply by setting some defined boundaries before class even starts.

✓ Learning to harness YOUR unique training style is the most important way to ensure you MAINTAIN long-term success in the classroom.

✓ Teaching KEY lessons and concepts at particular times using the right method can greatly improve your evaluation scores.

✓ The first lesson of the day is the most important, and the success of that lesson will impact every lesson afterwards.

✓ You will have made a lasting impression of yourself and your skills as a trainer by the end of the first 90 minutes of class.

✓ Most trainers are unable to successfully determine whether their trainees “understand” and often don’t find out that they don’t until it’s too late.

✓ The number one reason trainers aren’t engaging is because they don’t ask the right TYPES of questions or use the best method to execute those questions.

✓ Your volume, pace, and vocal inflections are even more important than WHAT you say for getting and keeping attention.

The question I have for you is this…

Do you always provide an amazing classroom experience – the kind that captures your trainees and makes them want to come back for more… every single time?

I Thought I Knew Everything…

I have a feeling you were surprised by some of the things you read above…

…how do I know?

Because I’ve lived them…

…each and every one…thinking that I “had all the answers”…that there was nothing else I really needed…


Have you ever thought you knew everything about something, only to discover the hard way that you didn’t?

This happened to me when I graduated from college with a teaching degree…

…I thought, “Now I’m ready for anything.”

Guess what?

I wasn’t…You can’t learn all of the skills you need in school…

…I tried…they simply don’t teach them.

Then I started reading book after book…trying to teach myself, by reading anything I could get my hands on…

I wanted to know WHAT the best trainers were doing that made them SO good…

I spent 20 years searching for these golden nuggets on how the most elite trainers did it.

What I found is that these techniques just aren’t taught in schools or written in any books.

The Most Amazing Trainers Have Master Skills…

(Training Techniques That Set Them Apart…)

I decided to go straight to the source…

…to watch and learn from as many world-class teachers, trainers and instructors as I could find.

While teaching high school for 7 years, I watched teacher after teacher.

While training trainers for another 10 years, I observed hundreds of trainers.

I discovered that the most amazing trainers were using a number of ADVANCED PRACTICAL techniques in their classrooms…


…techniques they had to figure out through YEARS of trial and error!

I sought all of them out, and tried them for myself.

After I perfected them, I started to teach them to other trainers and soon they were getting evaluations they never dreamed of!

That’s where you come in.

Why should YOU have to spend YEARS discovering these secrets for yourself?

Why shouldn’t YOU get the type of stellar evaluations the best of the best get?

As Training Techniques Specialist, you are uniquely qualified to help organisations and businesses leverage master training techniques to provide that amazing classroom experience.

More specifically, in this master class, you’ll learn dozens of new techniques including:

  • How to immediately hook your class and get them salivating for what you are about to teach…even if they didn’t think they wanted to learn it
  • guaranteed method to get “buy in” from even the most reluctant and challenging trainees and address all 4 learning styles of adults SIMULTANEOUSLY in your classroom
  • Q & A Maverick style: A comprehensive approach to answering questions that makes you look like an expert every time you answer a question
  • How to “Set the table” before trainees arrive and why they’ll love you for it including 5 boundary & expectation techniques to keep your class under YOUR control, and make your life easier
  • Specific strategies that will allow you to ease your burden and enjoy your classes more so you can feel less drained at the end of the day
  • The top reasons why trainers get nervous and what you can do to successfully handle them so you instantly LOOK less nervous during the 4 common times nerves show their ugly facein the classroom
  • 7 needs of learners in a classroom environment, and how to use tone & body language to get trainees into the palm of your hand and show confidence (even if it doesn’t come naturally to you)
  • The secret to getting amazing evaluation scores including EXACTLY when and how to distribute the evaluations including how to show trainees that you truly care about them and their success, and how to make that work in your favor
  • A foolproof strategy to get EVERY trainee to take notes on ALL of your key points and how to get your classroom to do more thinking than you, and WHY that’s so important
  • complete welcoming exchange dialogue that you can use with each trainee that walks through your door along with a 2-step approach for dealing with late trainees before class starts
  • step-by-step guide for effective listening that shows your trainees how important they are to you
  • Vocal tone techniques that allow you to speak more effectively, including what men and women must do differently to be effective
  • How to maximize the effect of your facial expressions to improve communication with ANYONE, especially someone you are listening to
  • The recipe for a powerful introduction for trainers that aren’t naturally confident and show that you are a content expert so your trainees trust everything you say
  • The 2 crucial ingredients you need for successful communication with every trainee and what every trainer must do within the first 30 minutes of day one to hook their class (and what happens to trainers who don’t)
  • Why most icebreakers fail, and the top 3 things YOU should do instead including a step-by-step guide to make your trainees feel safe during welcoming time, and why it’s so important to do that
  • The top 3 ways to make trainees feel more comfortable in your classroom and what every trainer NEEDS to say to their class 5 minutes before it starts (why it can make or break your introduction
  • How to build your confidence so you feel empowered long before trainees even arrive in your classroom and exactly when to start the first lesson and why most trainers get it wrong
  • foolproof method to find out which trainees “got it” and which need more help and how to “send it home” at the end of the first lesson, so your trainees KNOW they “got a good one”
  • simple technique you can do during the first break that will handle the “problem child”trainees and prevent potential disruptions BEFORE they arise
  • The 4 things you must prove to trainees in order to KEEP them in the palm of your hand, and how to do them every time
  • What to do when you are teaching something that trainees don’t feel like they understand and how to PROVE to them they are understanding and that it’s because of YOU that they get it
  • How to get your class excited by using 7 easy techniques to SHOW them they are enjoying themselves and meet the needs of each and every trainee in your classroom (and why this will make your life easier)
  • A simple 4 step strategy that you can use to regain control of a derailed class and why involving the “expert” trainees in the room is so important
  • The top 3 ways to keep trainees attention every minute of the day, regardless of the topic you teach and an easy method to help trainees remember everything you taught them, even after they leave class
  • 23 examples of questions you can use RIGHT AWAY that will get AND keep your trainees attention including the most commonly misused type of question (and how to properly execute it to perfection)
  • How to use directional statements to get trainees to do what you want (whenever you ask them to do it) and techniques to show enthusiasm about a class, EVEN if you don’t want to be there
  • Strategies for handling a challenging trainee called “the distracted inefficient”, including how to get their attention when it has been lost
  • Simple strategies to make challenging concepts and topics EASIER to understand including how to properly execute a “leading” question, and the one time most trainers ask one when they shouldn’t
  • How to work the “sweet spot” in the room to maximize impact and improve engagement along with 3 ways to command more respect in the classroom the VERY NEXT TIME you train
  • 7 common mistakes associated with the use of visual aids and how to avoid them in YOUR classroom and the 2 most common PowerPoint mistakes, and 8 steps to be sure you get it right
  • An “Active Questions” technique you can use to COMPEL trainees to respond to your questions that works almost EVERY time
  • The #1 reason trainees dread group work, and an EASY method to turn the table, and SAVE YOURSELF TIME AND ENERGY by effectively using the “Buddy System” to help each other
  • “whole class” approach to building rapport that will allow your trainees to feel comfortable asking for help
  • The top 2 reasons why some trainees aren’t following along with you, and how to make sure they start including a proven technique for effectively teaching difficult concepts in ANY class
  • How to appear RELAXED, CALM, AND CONFIDENT while you teach, and why that’s so important for your trainees
  • Why information is not instruction, and how to make sure you aren’t just an information resource using the 5 stages of learning (and why it’s so critical that you know them)
  • The famous “90/10” rule for preparation and how you can use it to propel your training to the next level and write the perfect lesson plan, even for topics that most trainees find difficult
  • The secret to answering questions so you ALWAYS look like you know the answer even when you don’t and successfully set a Q & A boundary so you only have to answer questions you WANT to answer without your class even realizing that you did it
  • The top 5 ways to determine whether trainees remember what you have taught them using an oral review that will show your whole class that you are a fantastic instructor
  • Why it’s so important to use evaluations in your class, and what to include in them to get the most benefit PLUS: a fail-safe method to find out if your trainees are able to perform the critical tasks they will need when they leave your class
  • The secret to facilitating and managing the pace in your classroom, and why it’s so elusive including tips for staying on track and successfully completing your lesson when you’re running out of time
  • The 3 kinds of question askers you’ll face in your classroom and how you can come prepared with “Back-Pocket” knowledge that you can use to show expertise no matter how new you are to teaching your topic
  • How to get trainees to like you and why it’s so important that you do so including specific strategies you can use to make class more enjoyable for both the trainees AND YOU
  • The 6 questioning techniques that every trainer must know to keep trainees engaged and understanding, and exactly how to execute them
  • The three things you can do to EFFECTIVELY SHOW that you are listening to a trainee’s question along with the proper technique for repeating every question that gets asked of you, and the 4 reasons why it’s SO IMPORTANT to do it
  • An easy to follow recipe for answering questions so that your trainees ALWAYS feel good about their question AND your answer including a simple method that will compel EVERYONE in your class to listen when you’re answering a question for an individual
  • How to manage the pace of your class to satisfy both the “fast” and the “slow” learners including the effect of speaking too fast, and the top 5 ways to slow it down so you can get it just right
  • Everything you never realized you needed to know about writing on the board effectively so you can maintain engagement and actually increase learning
  • A step-by-step guide you can use to prepare your responses to “On-The-Fly” questions while you are STILL LISTENING to the question including a fail-safe method for “punting” unwanted or off topic questions WITHOUT affecting your credibility

Delivery Format

Online – 24/7 access to learn at your own pace.


6 hours

Completing Train the Trainer Pro: No Beginners Allowed! will contribute 6 hours of  Elective PD addressing 6.2.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

Teaching Standards

6.2.2 Proficient Level – Participate in learning to update knowledge and practice, targeted to professional needs and school and/or system priorities.


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