2D Transformations WARM UP Resizing Reflection Rotation Translation Math Review Rapid Recall Routine

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The Transformations Rapid Recall Routine will provide 7 – 10 minutes of engaging daily practice for your students to recite, recall and apply their knowledge and understanding of the different transformations of 2D shapes.


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Students need to be able to identify and create different transformations of 2D shapes. This Rapid Recall Routine will help them to recognise that reflection, rotation and translation changes the orientation and position of 2D shapes but the size and shape remain the same.  Students will also see that resizing changes the size of the 2D shape in proportion to the original shape.

Rapid Recall Routines are a quick way to revise, review and reinforce concepts to ensure long-term retention.

Students will recite and recall the different transformations of 2D shapes. Then they will apply their knowledge and understanding to identify resizing, reflections, rotations and translations.

This Rapid Recall Routine can be used a s a whole class warm up, a small group consolidation session or for individual practice and revision. The slides can be used as a digital presentation or printed and used as flash cards.

38 Slides with Answers / PowerPoint and pdf files included


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