WHS Bingo and What Am I? Games Pack for Industrial Technology – Timber

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An excellent resource consisting of 2 fun games of revision for Industrial Technology – Timber students, testing their knowledge of Work, Health and Safety, tools, machines and PPE in the workshop. WHS Bingo allows students to answer a series of questions as a class that are called out by the teacher. These questions are in relation to Work, Health and Safety in the workshop. The game is played until Bingo has been called or until every student has called Bingo. What Am I? is played similar to celebrity heads where a couple of  students are positioned in front of their peers with a What Am I? card above their head. The cards have either a tool, machine or PPE listed. The students take it in turn to ask their peers a series of questions until they correctly guess the card that is above their head. This game develops student ability to identify and describe various tools, machines and PPE in the timber workshop.   Includes: 1x game of WHS Bingo (includes a set of 12 student bingo cards, teacher Q&A and instructions). 1x game of What Am I? (includes a set of 88 What Am I? cards and teacher instructions). Relevant to: Work, Health and Safety; tools, machines and PPE relevant to Industrial Technology – Timber.


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