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WHS Food Safety Snap – Digital Download

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WHS Food Safety Snap – Digital Download

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Product Description

A fun twist on the engaging game ‘SNAP’.

This is a versatile resource that can be uses for a variety of stages to meet outcomes that relate to safety within Food Technology or Hospitality. This is played using the same principles of traditional snap.

The game can be played in groups of 4 and the deck should be dealt out evenly into 4 piles of cards. Each player starts with their decks face down and places cards onto the pile without looking at them beforehand. If a player places a card on top of a card that is identical, whoever snaps the pile fastest wins the round and they add the pile of cards to their existing hand. You keep playing until there are no cards left.

The safety snap must be printed twice in order to have a full deck of cards (40 cards). Ideally there would be multiple games of safety snap playing in the classroom at once. Each Safety Snap card has a picture and information displayed on it that relate to safety in the food technology classroom. There are also two safety worksheets that accompany this activity.

Pack includes:

  • 20 Safety Snap Cards (must be printed twice for a full deck of 40 cards)
  • 2 x student worksheets


Relevant to:

Stage 4 from Technology Mandatory Syllabus 2017
› describes and manages the risks of injury and WHS issues associated with handling food FT4-2

Stage 5 from Food Technology Years 7-10 Syllabus 2019

› identifies, assesses and manages the risks of injury and WHS issues associated with the handling of food FT5-2

• demonstrate safe and hygienic work practices, for example: (ACTDEK045, ACTDEP050)
– personal hygiene
– food safety, eg the food danger zone, cross-contamination
– safe work practices
– use of PPE

Stage 6 from Food Technology Stage 6 Syllabus 2013

Preliminary Food Technology

› Selects appropriate equipment, applies suitable techniques, and utilises safe and hygienic practices when handling food. P4.1


Resource Type: Digital Resource, Game and Worksheet.

Digital File Type: Adobe PDF

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