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Write Magic with Alice McTyer

"I love my story."  We want you to hear this every day, from every student. How do we help you make this happen? The answer might surprise you.  We show you exactly how to teach your students to create and comprehend stories like adult authors do. That is, using an intuitive, meaning-based effective story literacy method that is the opposite of how children are usually taught fiction creation and comprehension in the classroom. Oddly enough, the science proves that even young, reluctant and less-able school students more easily learn and apply story literacy methods taught to adult authors. The science proves it. Writing talent, reading enthusiasm: not required: Instantly make narrative writing and fiction reading comprehension easy and fun for all your students. We offer K-12 teacher PD in effective story literacy. You will learn a single, intuitive, research-backed method that will help all your students:

  • Create stories they care about in a way that's proven to engage audiences.
  • Create logical cohesive stories that are rich with theme, purpose and meaning.
  • Comprehend the stories they read by understanding the point, purpose, structure and themes of good fiction.
  • Enjoy reading more - once they understand how good stories trulyy work.


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