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Resources for the Olympics

The Olympics are now well and truly underway! Here are five Olympics resources you can use in your classroom as the Games take place!

The Tokyo Olympics is now in full swing and they are creating a spot of brightness in our days, during what is otherwise a pretty grim time. The Olympics always seems to inspire a sense of camaraderie amongst people within our own country as well as those from other nations and we need that more than ever right now as we continue to endure the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now is the perfect opportunity to incorporate the Olympics into our lessons, particularly if you’re in lockdown and are teaching in an online learning setting. So, here are a bunch of fun and engaging resources for the Olympics.

Olympic Observation Sheet

The Olympic Observation Sheet allows your cherubs to watch some Olympic events and record the results. They are encouraged to consider who is competing, whether they are local Australian athletes and how they performed.

This is a perfect resource for those teachers and students who are working in online learning environments due to the current lockdowns in many areas of the country. Best of all, this resource is free, so download yours now.

Nutrition for Olympic Athletes

Nutrition for Olympic Athletes is a fun and engaging resource to get your Technology Mandatory students thinking about the nutritional requirements of athletes. Students investigate an Olympic athlete and their nutritional requirements before answering nutrition related questions and designing a meal plan for their athlete.

This resource is perfect to use in an online learning setting for those in lockdown but it’s just as fun in the classroom! You can download yours here.

Design an Olympic Uniform

Use this creative resource to inspire your Textiles students to design a team uniform for Olympic athletes! Students generate ideas for uniform designs by illustrating their designs on fashion croquis. They then answer a series of questions in the worksheet and consider the elements of their designs more thoroughly.

Once again, this resource is a fun way to engage students who are currently working in an online learning environment but it is also a fantastic resource to use in the classroom. You can grab your copy here.

Sports Snap

Sports are the key to the Olympics. Without them, there really is no Games! So why not get your fast finishing students to play Sports Snap this week?!

Sports Snap is played using the same principles of the traditional game. It should be played in groups of 4 to 6 and the deck should be dealt out to each student. Each Sports Snap card features an image of a sport and its name. Each player starts with their decks face down and places cards onto the pile without looking at them beforehand. If a player places a card on top of a card that is identical, whoever snaps the pile fastest wins the round and they add the pile of cards to their existing hand. Keep playing until there are no cards left.

The Sports Snap cards can also be used for a variety of other fun games that will also engage your cherubs. You can download a copy here.

Countries Snap

The Olympics exposes our cherubs to a wide range of countries, some of which they may have never heard of before. This Countries Snap resource is a wonderful way for your students to learn about countries of the world!

This is played using the same principles as the Sports Snap but they can also be used to play memory and pens as well. The 36 snap cards have a focus on well-known countries and nations located in the Asia Pacific. Each card features the name of the country, its flag and its capital city. You can download this game here.

We hope you and your cherubs can enjoy the Olympics at school or in your online learning settings by using these fun resources for the Olympics!


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