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"What I love most is how easy it is to share my resources with other educators and get paid for it ."
Louise Aubin
Resource Developer

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Do you have resources or products that Teachers use or need? Our marketplace gets your product in front of Teachers.

What resources or courses?

Any type of products that teachers or schools could use.


You might already have resources you could use, or create resources from scratch; e.g. activities, assessments, games, task cards, posters, worksheets…the list is endless.

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Monitor your daily, weekly and monthly sales. Earn extra income from doing what you love! 

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Help other educators access to your resources to assist in making a difference to students.

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Monitor your sales in real time within your account dashboard.

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Earn money from doing what you love and give yourself the financial freedom you deserve.

Payout Rates

You'll receive 50% - 75%* of all completed sales.

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