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Seller Guide & FAQ

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

Check out the instructions below and get started.

A step by step process to get the most out of selling on Teacher PD marketplace.

Getting started as a seller.

sign up as a seller

setting up your store branding, socials and SEO

Uploading a
new digital product

Getting Started

Our seller dashboard offers a user-friendly experience, making it effortless for teachers to upload new products to our teaching marketplace. With a simple and intuitive interface, teachers can easily navigate through the dashboard, efficiently add and manage their products, and showcase their teaching resources to a wide audience of potential customers.


To create a new product on the Teacher PD Teacher marketplace as a seller, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Seller Dashboard from the menu on the home page.
  2. From the left menu, select “Products.”
  3. Click on the “Add New Product” button located in the top right corner.
  4. All prices are in AUD. 

A new window will open, allowing you to provide all the necessary details to create your product.

Click the dropdown arrow below for more instructions.

Product Title

Start with a compelling title that captures the essence of your product. Keep it simple.


A discount price is optional. You can even schedule discounts for a certain amount of time. You can enter a starting date and end date to apply automatic discounts to your product. Prices are in AUD.

Short description

Write a brief overview of your product. You can write as little as you like or up to 300 words that provide a short, engaging overview of your product. 

Add a New Product and Category Images Example Teacher Marketplace


By default, category selection is singular. That is why there is a drop-down field to select a category or multiple categories.

It’s best to stick to a standard practice of assigning a minimum of one category to each product. This is recommended based on guidelines from Google and other experts in search engine optimisation and user experience. If you want to display products based on multiple criteria or enable searching and sorting, attributes for filters and tags can be used. 

Click the dropdown arrow below for more instructions.

Select Add a new category. You will see a pop-up where you need to select the categories.

You can also search for categories as well. Just type the category name in the search box, you will see the matching categories to select. 

Click on the Done button to finish adding the categories.

You can add multiple categories by clicking the + Add new category. 


Selecting both “Virtual” and “Downloadable” boxes is important for your product to be uploaded as a digital product.

Make the most of your product’s online visibility and captivate your customers with compelling descriptions.

It’s crucial to include both a concise Short Description and an elaborate Full Description for optimal SEO benefits and to provide comprehensive information to potential buyers. This strategic approach not only boosts your search engine rankings but also empowers you to enhance sales by offering detailed insights into your product’s features and benefits. Invest in crafting engaging descriptions to seize every opportunity to attract and convert customers. Remember, a well-rounded approach with both Short and Full Descriptions is the key to unlocking the full potential of your product and driving your sales to new heights.

For tips to increase sales by optimising your product descriptions watch this video HERE.

Click the dropdown arrow below for more instructions.

Select Virtual and Downloadable.

It is essential to tick both  Digital and Virtual when adding your new product.

If Virtual isn’t ticked, then your customer will be charged shipping or it will create an error at checkout and the buyer won’t be able to purchase your product. We don’t want this to happen! 

Virtual and Downloadable

Select a Product Type.

These types of products are simple and have no variants. Most products are set as a  Simple Products. Unless you have variations in the same product you are offering, stick with a Simple Product. 

Select Product Type Simple Product

Writing an effective Description.

Watch the video HERE for tips to increase sales by optimising your product descriptions.

As mentioned above, a Short Description can be as a couple of sentences up to 300 or so words.

Description and uploading a product

Full Description.

Remember, your primary goal should be to convey the product’s key features and benefits, and answer any potential questions a customer may have. The length of your description should serve this purpose without overwhelming the reader or leaving out important information. Always prioritise quality over quantity.

It’s highly beneficial to incorporate a section within your product description that outlines the contents of your package. Presenting these features in a bullet-point format ensures clarity and facilitates easy reading for the customer.

An example to make it easier for your prospective purchasers to see what is included could look like this – 

Pack Includes:

  • 15-page workbook
  • 10 page PowerPoint 
  • 5 Posters

What is SKU?
SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit. It should be a unique set of characters that will not match to any other product.

You can create unique codes for digital products and add it into the SKU section. This also helps on our end when we get purchase orders from schools. 

Inventory and SKU 


If you have more than one file in your recourse to upload. It is extremely important to zip them into a Zipped file.

Zipping files into one folder is crucial for a seamless customer experience, especially for teachers being able to find all the files of your product in one space after they purchase your product.

Click the dropdown box below for more instructions.

Uploading the digital file as a ZIP.

If you have more than one file in your recourse to upload. It is extremely important to zip them into a Zipped file.

Adding your ZIP File.

Under Downloadable Options. Click Add File.

Uploading Files to SellersClick Choose File. Copy the name of your product and add it to the File Name field. It’s best to use the actual name of your product to minimise confusion.  

Select all your files. Right click on your files, then select ZIP/Compress your files. You now have a Zipped file.


A popup media box will appear prompting you to locate your zipped file. Alternatively, you can simply drag the desired file and drop it into the designated area to initiate the upload process.

Benefits of a ZIP file.

A single zipped folder allows users to download all the files in one go, instead of individually downloading each file. This saves time and effort, which is particularly important for busy educators.

Storage and Bandwidth Efficiency: Zipping files can reduce their size, saving storage space on the user’s device and making the download process quicker. This is beneficial for teachers who may have limited storage space or slower internet connections.

How to create a ZIP file.

For Windows:

  1. Locate the files you want to zip.
  2. Select all the files. You can do this by clicking and dragging a box over the files, or hold down ‘Ctrl’ and click each file you want to select.
  3. Once the files are selected, right-click on one of them.
    From the menu that appears, hover over ‘Send to’ and then click ‘Compressed (zipped) folder’.
  4. A new zipped folder will be created in the same location. You can rename this folder if you wish

For macOS:

  1. Locate the files you want to zip.
  2. Select all the files. You can do this by clicking and dragging a box over the files, or hold down ‘Command’ and click each file you want to select.
  3. Once the files are selected, right-click (or ‘Ctrl’ + click) on one of them.
  4. From the menu that appears, click ‘Compress X items’, where X is the number of files you have selected.
  5. A new zipped file named ‘Archive.zip’ will be created in the same location. You can rename this file if you wish.

Remember, the resulting zipped folder or file can be shared or moved as a single file, which makes it easier to manage, especially when dealing with multiple files.


Product attributes are crucial for your online store and products as they provide specific details about your product, making it easier for customers to locate and select the resources that suit their needs.

Examples of attributes:

Resource Type; Worksheets, Task Cards, Printable, Assessments, Activities, Centers, and Homework.

Year level; Primary School, High School and individual Year levels.

Click the dropdown arrow below for more instructions.

Adding Your Product Attributes.

These Attributes are used to streamline the filter process, facilitating quicker and more informed purchasing decisions on the front end of the website by the customers.

Select your first attribute then click Add attribute.

 Select the attributes that accurately reflect your product’s characteristics. This will enable customers to locate your product via search filters efficiently.

The most essential Attributes to add are; Resource Type and Year Level.

Click Save Product once you’ve completed adding your attributes.


A strong profile and branding are crucial for your store on the Teacher PD Marketplace. A well-crafted profile establishes credibility, builds trust, and showcases you as a seller’s expertise in creating teaching resources. Effective branding enhances recognition, differentiates the store, and attracts potential customers, ultimately boosting sales and fostering long-term customer relationships.

Here you can add your store banner, logo and edit your store name and details. 

Click the dropdown arrow below for more instructions.

On your Seller Dashboard, click Settings, then Store.

Add Store Banner and Logo

The ideal banner size is 1920×400 pixels.

Your store logo needs to be a square image of 300×300 pixels.

Additional Features
To receive your monthly payments, you must configure your payment methods to withdraw your earnings.
To add your Paypal account details, go to Seller Dashboard–> Settings–> Payment.
Add your Paypal email address and connect to your store. 


At Teacher PD Marketplace, we utilise PayPal as our preferred method for delivering your monthly earnings.

All sales payouts are calculated on the first Monday of every month. Please allow a further 5 business days for payments to be processed to your account. To guarantee seamless transactions, please make sure your PayPal information is accurate and up-to-date.

Upon successful processing, you’ll be notified that your earnings have been dispatched. Please note, it’s crucial to acknowledge and accept this payment within a timeframe of 30 days from Paypal.

Making a move to our platform couldn’t be easier with our bulk Import and Export feature.

Simply head over to ‘Tools’ on your Seller Dashboard and select either ‘import’ or ‘export.’

To establish a template to follow, try uploading a single product to our platform and then export it as a CSV file. This will provide you with the necessary format to add all your other products.

For vendors needing assistance or with an extensive product range of 100+ items, we offer a comprehensive bulk-import service.

Just drop us an email at [email protected] with the subject line: Moving to Teacher PD! We will then respond with how to get started. 

No matter where your products currently reside, we’re here to streamline the transition to the Teacher PD Marketplace, ensuring a seamless transfer of your valuable content.

With us, it’s simple, efficient, and always seller friendly.

To create a coupon for your store, head to your Seller Dashboard. Then select Coupons.

  1. Coupon Title: Add the name you want to give your coupon.
  2. Description: In this field, you can add what the coupon is about.
  3. Discount Type: This drop-down lets vendors select between a percentage and a fixed amount for your discount. Disregard the other options unless you offer subscriptions.
  4. Amount: Add the discount amount (percentage/fixed) here.
  5. Email Restrictions: Choose to limit the coupon to certain emails if you like. If you insert an email then only customers with that email would be able to use the coupon.
  6. Usage Limit: Add the number here if you want to restrict coupon usage to a certain amount uses.
  7. Usage limit per user: Add the number here if you want to restrict the coupon to only 1 use per user or multiple for continuous use.
  8. Expire Date: If you want the coupon to remain usable only up to a specific time, select the expiry date from here.
  9. Exclude Sale Items: You can select this checkbox if you want to opt-out of sale items from the coupon offer.
  10. Minimum Amount: Select the minimum amount an order should be for a customer to apply for the coupon.
  11. Product: You can select one, multiple, or all products you are selling within your store.
  12. Apply for New Products: if you check this box then when a customer applies this coupon for any new products then the customer will get a discount according to that coupon.
  13. Exclude products: You can also exclude the coupon from applying to a particular product or multiple products.
  14. Show on store: Select this checkbox to display the coupon code on your seller storefront.

Once you have completed the three pages, select Create Coupon and share the coupon as you wish.

Please note: The coupon will only be valid for the products in your store and cannot be applied to the customer’s cart as a whole.

From your Seller Dashboard, click Analytics to see your metrics.
To gain insights into your customers’ demographics and preferences, navigate through the various tabs available at the top of your Analytics store page.
The tabs include General, Top Pages/Products, Location, and System. These will provide you with valuable information about your customers’ origins and interactions.


Intellectual property infringement is something we take very seriously. It is essential to us that our Teacher PD members abide by our rules and respect the intellectual property rights of others.

As a Teacher PD Seller, everything you upload on Teacher PD should be either:

  • An original resource that contains only content that you have created yourself. This includes; text, video, images and everything else.
  • An original resource where you have the authority or a commercial licence to use content that you did not create.

If we are informed that a seller has violated this rule by uploading a resource that infringes on someone else’s intellectual property rights, we will remove that resource from our site and that seller will risk having their Teacher PD account closed.

Automatic copyright

Once you create and complete your resource or original piece of work, you are the author and the owner of that work. Your copyright protections apply automatically and you are the only person that can duplicate, distribute, post and share your work.

Protecting your materials

A way to remind people that your work is legally protected by copyright is by adding a copyright symbol, the year you completed the work and the name of the copyright owner.

For example:

  • Copyright symbol: ©
  • The year you completed your resource: 2020
  • The copyright owner of your work: Teacher Professional Development

Then, at the bottom of your work, you can display your copyright like this: © 2020 Teacher Professional Development.

Notice of copyright or trademark infringement

If you believe that your work has been used in a way that constitutes copyright or trademark infringement in resources found on our website, please submit an email to [email protected] with these details:

  1. Subject: Copyright or trademark infringement.
  2. Your contact information, including your full name, contact number, address and email address.
  3. Where on the Teacher PD website you have identified the material. The page URL is ideal.
  4. An explanation of how the discovered material is infringing on your intellectual property.
Instructor Online Course Seller Guide

To build and upload online courses, head to our Instructor/Course Seller Guide Page HERE

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