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Store Credit


1. Purchase the credit amount of your choice

2. Use your unique code on each checkout

3. Gain access to resources and courses quickly and easily

A store credit gives you the flexibility of having credit allocated to your account for you or your school to use.

Share your unique code with your faculty so their purchases will be allocated directly to their accounts.
A Store Credit is a perfect option if you have an end of year budget that you need to use!

Share Your Credit

Share your unique code with other faculty members to use. This allows staff members to purchase resources under their own account to access.

Never lose your code

Your credit balance and code is accessible from your account dashboard, so you can’t lose it!

Send as a gift

Send a Store Credit as a gift to a friend or a colleague.

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Use your store credit for online courses, events, digital resources and physical resources.

Save time and teach engaging lessons that you, and your students love!

With new resources being released weekly on Teacher Professional Development, you and your colleagues will be ready.

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