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Tastes of Easter

From fish to Easter eggs and hot cross buns, we take a look at some of the traditional tastes of Easter.

Easter is coming up and that means it’s almost time to enjoy some of our favourite foods that go hand-in-hand with this religious celebration. The holiday can present a good opportunity to experience the tastes of Easter with your Food Technology class. So here are three Easter foods to cook with your cherubs, or to enjoy yourself this long weekend!


Seafood is viewed by many as a traditional Good Friday meal. This is because Christians believe this is the day Jesus sacrificed himself on the cross and should be honoured by avoiding the consumption of other fleshy meats.

There are plenty of seafood recipes you can cook in a Food Technology practical lesson including traditional fish and chips. Or you could try something a bit more modern with a fish taco.

Hot Cross Buns

Hot cross buns are another traditional taste of Easter. The reason behind their consumption isn’t exactly clear, however it’s thought they were considered a sweet sacrifice to the Gods back in the Middle Ages. It’s believed the Catholics came up with the concept of placing a cross on the bun, representing Jesus’ sacrifice.

Try putting a twist on the classic hot cross buns we know and love with this hot cross vanilla slice recipe. It may be a bit difficult to cook hot cross buns from scratch with your cherubs in a prac lesson as they do take some time to prepare. Maybe this recipe would be a better alternative, or something you can enjoy yourself over the long weekend.

Easter Eggs

Easter eggs are one of the most iconic tastes of Easter. Once Easter Sunday comes around, it is tradition to share the chocolate eggs, however, if you’re anything like us here at Teacher PD, you would’ve been enjoying them all year so far! The eggs are shared because they symbolise life and Jesus’ resurrection. It’s also a Christian tradition to avoid consuming eggs during Lent, similar to how fleshy meat is avoided on Good Friday.

While there’s no doubt the Easter eggs you can buy from the supermarket are delicious, it’s also fun to make your own. You and your cherubs could try this recipe for making your own Easter eggs this year.

Too many Easter eggs?

Is there any such thing as too many Easter eggs? If you think so, there are some easy ways to incorporate them into other recipes. You could turn them into a chocolate cake or brownies. Alternatively, if you are just looking for some more variety in your chocolate, you could turn your leftover plain eggs into a rocky road and add whatever ingredients you like including nuts, coconut, marshmallows or even lollies. These recipes might be best enjoyed at home during your school holidays.

We hope you have a lovely Easter and enjoy some of the delicious tastes of Easter!


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