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Tips to Remember Students’ Names

Remembering students' names can be difficult! Here are 5 easy tips for teachers to remember students’ names.

Remembering names can be difficult at the best of times but there’s no doubt it can be more difficult when you’re a teacher. Teachers can often have 30 or more students in one class, and for high school teachers, it becomes even more tricky when you have to teach several classes in the one term. When you do the maths, that’s a lot of names to remember! Here are 5 easy tips on how to remember students’ names to implement when starting the school year.

Roll call is your friend

Many schools now use programs which assist in the name remembering game due to awesome features like the addition of student’s photos. Get to know your cherubs by looking at them when they answer in roll call. Focus on the student’s face during this time to help you memorise their name and connect it to their face. You will find this step becomes less necessary as the term progresses and you become more familiar with their names.

Ask students to introduce themselves

Allow your cherubs to talk about themselves during the first class of the new year. This will give you an opportunity to learn some fun facts about them to help you remember each individual student.  You could write down some of those interesting facts alongside their name on the roll to help you remember them during roll call.

Use their name whenever possible

Using your cherubs’ names is a great way to commit them to memory. Repeat their name back to them during roll call and use their name when they put up their hand to answer a question.

Remember where they sit

Students can be creatures of habit and can often sit in the same or similar place in the classroom during lessons. Using their location in the classroom could act as a trigger to help you to remember their name. For example, if you have an Amy in the class you may find yourself looking towards the same place where Amy sits when you go to use her name.

Make associations or connections with their name

Try to make a connection with the cherubs’ names and other people you know who have the same name. Once you learn their name, think of a friend or another student you have taught with the same name. Making these connections will help you remember the students’ names when you see their faces.

Remembering your cherubs’ names will be easy when you implement these tips. Recalling and using students’ names regularly shows them you are interested in them as people and not just members of your class. Show your cherubs just how invested you are in helping them succeed. You might just find they may be more motivated to become better learners as well.


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