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Upgrade Your Grilled Cheese

It’s International Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day today! Grilled cheese sandwiches are a staple lunch time meal. They are delicious and super simple to whip together for a quick lunch when you’re busy at school. But sometimes, the good old grilled cheese just doesn’t cut it and you need a little more flavour. So, we’ve got some tasty ideas to help you upgrade your grilled cheese.


Why add plain old avocado to your grilled cheese when you can add guacamole?! Guacamole will bring the additional flavours of tomato, onion, lime and chilli to your grilled cheese as well as the nutritional benefits of avocado. Combine that with cheese in a toastie and you have one easy, delicious snack!

Sundried tomatoes

Put a twist on the classic cheese and tomato toastie with sundried tomatoes! Similar to the guacamole, the sundried tomatoes bring a flavour boost to toastie. Sundried tomatoes have that unique flavour that takes the often plain grilled cheese sandwich to another level.


We’re letting you in on a little Teacher PD secret here to help you upgrade your grilled cheese. The team has made the delightful discovery of how the humble mayo can transform your toastie. Many of us have used butter on the outside of our toastie to give the bread a golden crunch. Due to a happy accident in the Teacher PD kitchen, we’ve established that mayonnaise on the outside if your grilled cheese can make it even crunchier. Try if you dare!

Ham and pineapple

If you love a Hawaiian pizza, you’re bound to love this take on it too! Adding ham and pineapple to a grilled cheese brings a tropical sweetness to the sandwich, which is balanced out by the saltiness of the ham. Not to mention pineapple is delicious and super nutritious, so it’s a win win!

Pizza toastie

If you enjoy pizza but Hawaiian is not your thing, try making a pizza inspired toastie instead. Add pizza sauce to your grilled cheese along with some garlic and your favourite herbs and you’ve got yourself a pizza toastie! If you’re feeling adventurous, you could upgrade this grilled cheese by adding other classic pizza toppings such as tomato, rocket and even pepperoni.

Bacon and egg

This upgrade to your grilled cheese is a perfect breakfast snack! Cook up your bacon and eggs as normal but instead of cooking your toast, place the bacon and eggs in between two slices of bread. Whack a piece of cheese in there too and toast it in the sandwich press. How yum!

We hope we’ve inspired you to upgrade your grilled cheese for lunch today!

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