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Winter Holiday Activities

The winter school holidays are here! You might be looking for some non-school related things to do to keep you entertained. So, we’ve put together a list of fun winter holiday activities to try over the next two weeks.

Go whale watching

Now is the perfect time to go whale watching if you live along the coast! Whales are making their annual migration north to warmer waters for the winter. The beauty of whale watching is you don’t have to go on a cruise to see them! Take a day trip to one of these locations and you may just spot a whale. You’ll have a whale of a time!

Have a picnic

Picnics are always a fun winter holiday activity! Prepare some of your favourite foods like sandwiches, fruit salad or cookies, pack them in a basket or esky with a blanket and head out to your favourite park or outdoor location. This is a great way to soak up some sun and warmth; just don’t forget the sunscreen!

Create an artwork

Making art is a great creative outlet and school holidays allows you to invest time into it. Also, winter is the perfect time to create a sunrise or sunset piece as it won’t require you to get up too early or stay out too late. You may choose to make craft, draw, paint or even make a digital sunset or sunrise artwork. The best thing about art is it’s completely subjective so you don’t need to be good at it to make it!

Go on a bushwalk

Winter is a great time to get out in nature for a bush walk. The cooler temperatures make it easier to complete the walk particularly if it’s challenging. If you don’t live near the bush, find another walking trail in your local area. Just make sure you are prepared before heading out on a long walk.

Have a fire pit night

Cold nights mean it’s time to light up the fire pit! Invite friends and family around to enjoy the fire, great company and toasted marshmallows with you. Make sure you check the bushfire rating in your area before starting up your fire and take care around the flame at all times.

Cook a warm and delicious dish

Winter is also a great time to cook some delicious, warm comfort food! The school holidays gives you the perfect opportunity to cook some dishes you may not usually have time for during the term. We have a list of scrumptious winter warmer recipes you can use for inspiration!

We hope you have a wonderful break and enjoy some of these winter holiday activities!

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