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Winter Warmer Recipes

The cold weather has arrived, meaning it’s time to crack out some of your favourite winter warmer recipes! They are perfect to cook after a busy day at school and make excellent leftovers for lunch the next day. So, here are some delicious winter warmer recipes to add to your collection.


Soup is one of the quintessential winter warmer recipes many of us turn to every year. A good soup never fails to warm your whole body up within a few mouthfuls. This chicken and corn noodle soup is super easy and quick to cook, making it a must have recipe among your winter warmers.


Casseroles are another classic winter dish which are incredibly easy to whip up. You will need a bit more time to cook up this delicious winter warmer recipe, though. This beef and vegetable casserole requires several hours in the oven or all day in the slow cooker, so it may work best as a tasty weekend dinner recipe!

Apple crumble

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat in winter, especially when it has come straight out of the oven! This classic apple crumble recipe is perfect for dessert on the cold winter’s night. If apple isn’t your thing, try swapping it out for strawberries instead!


Pies are another great dish to cook when the weather turns cold. It’s even better when the pie is healthy! This vegetarian pie recipe packs delicious and nutritious spinach and mushrooms inside. It’s also very simple to cook, making it a wonderful after school dinner.


Porridge is a classic winter warmer breakfast dish which never fails to warm you from head to toe. This porridge recipe takes it up a notch, though, adding cinnamon, banana and cream to the mix. How yum!


It can be a bit daunting cooking a curry sauce from scratch, particularly if you’re not used to it or use pre-prepared sauces instead. Some recipes have heaps of herbs and spices to make the curry super fragrant and that can be quite overwhelming for the inexperienced cooks among us. This recipe, though, is easy and uses common ingredients that you’ll likely already have in your pantry at home!

Mulled apple juice

If you’re looking for a hot drink for a cold day that isn’t one of the usual suspects (looking at you, coffee, tea and hot chocolates!) then this is a recipe for you! It’s super easy to make too; you’ll have your hot mulled apple juice in no time!

These winter warmer recipes are sure to make the cold weather a little more bearable this season. We hope you enjoy!

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