Industrial Technology Metal Pictionary Cards

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Unleash your students’ graphical talents, reinforce metal-related concepts, and inject energy into your Industrial Technology lessons with our Industrial Technology Metal Pictionary Cards.


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Spice up your Industrial Technology classroom with this engaging and handy resource. Our set includes 12 Metal Pictionary Cards, each offering four drawing choices, resulting in a whopping 48 different options for your students to showcase their metalworking knowledge.


Designed with convenience in mind, these cards can be easily printed back to back and cut from the front, ensuring a seamless preparation process with no misalignment. With minimal effort, you’ll have a fantastic activity ready to go in no time, allowing you to focus on facilitating creativity and learning.


The uses for this resource are endless! Whether you want to reinforce metal-related concepts, encourage imaginative thinking, or simply infuse some excitement into your lessons, the Industrial Technology Metal Pictionary Cards are your go-to solution. These cards can be incorporated into various classroom activities, such as group competitions, individual challenges, or even as an icebreaker.


Key Features of the Industrial Technology Metal Pictionary Cards:

  • 12 cards with 4 drawing choices each, offering 48 different options.
  • Easy printing and preparation process with no misalignment.
  • Versatile resource suitable for a variety of activities.
  • Enhances creativity, knowledge, and engagement in the classroom.


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