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Help your HSC students grow their knowledge and reinforce their learnings with the HSC Community and Family Studies (CAFS) Research Methodology homework book. This booklet will allow students to have their writing checked and assessed weekly.

The book includes 17 questions which are formatted in HSC style and cover the Research Methodology unit in the Community and Family Studies (CAFS) syllabus. A variety of key terms have been used across these questions to give students ample opportunity to practice their responses in the lead-up to the exams.

As this homework book does not include sample answers, the answers are not published anywhere so the students cannot simply google the answers. The students will be required to answer by applying their own knowledge of the content.

The homework book can be differentiated to suit the students’ needs. Alternatively, this booklet can be used for revision of the Research Methodology unit.

Pack includes:

  • 32-page HSC CAFS Research Methodology student workbook
  • Marking criteria
  • Teacher instructions


9.1 Research Methodology


A student:

H4.1 justifies and applies appropriate research methodologies
H4.2 communicates ideas, debates issues and justifies opinions.

Students learn about:

research methodology
research fundamentals

  • the purpose of research, eg advance knowledge, increase understanding, educate others, inform practice, the focus of research, eg question/hypothesis
  • sampling
    • methods
    • sample group
    • sample size
  • types of data
    • primary and secondary
    • qualitative and quantitative
  • sources of data
    • individuals and groups
    • print and digital
  • reliability and validity
  • ethical behaviour
    • respect
    • integrity
    • privacy
    • bias

research methods

  • questionnaires
  • interviews
  • case studies
  • observations
  • literature reviews

research process

  • planning for research
    • formulating a research proposal
    • managing resources, eg time, materials
  • conducting research
    • accessing sources of data
    • collecting and recording data
    • documenting actions and issues
  • interpreting research
    • presenting research findings
    • analysing research results
    • drawing conclusions from research

Students learn to:

  • explore a variety of existing research projects/reports and consider the following questions:
    • what was the focus of the research?
    • what was the sample group and size?
    • what type of data was collected?
    • what sources of data were used?
  • describe the types of data that can be collected from individuals and groups
  • examine data from print and electronic sources to determine the key findings
  • discuss the advantages and limitations of each of the sources of data
  • explain how sampling contributes to reliable and valid research
  • assess the importance of ethical behaviour when conducting research by considering the following:
    • sensitive research topics
    • confidentiality
    • research bias
    • crediting sources of data
  • describe each research methodology and evaluate the suitability of each for different research topics
  • select and utilise appropriate research methods to conduct research
  • apply the research process to a chosen topic by:
    • selecting a research focus
    • selecting appropriate sampling methods
    • proposing how the research will be conducted
    • creating a timeline for research goals
    • accessing relevant sources of secondary data
    • using suitable research methods to collect and record primary and secondary data
    • recording actions and proposing solutions to any research issues
    • presenting primary data in graphs, tables or written reports
    • comparing key findings from primary and secondary data
    • forming research-based conclusions and making recommendations
    • crediting sources of data by means of bibliography and appendix


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