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Join hundreds of other Teachers and enrol in the Online Technology Mandatory – Agriculture and Food Technologies course and start using the resources today!


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Join hundreds of other teachers and enrol in the Online Technology Mandatory – Agriculture and Food Technologies course and start using the resources today!

Enjoy the experience of being at the course from the comfort of your own home or workplace. You’ll have access to 5-hours of video guiding you through teaching the Agriculture and Food Technologies Syllabus, along with all the resources and worksheets you need to teach the Technology Mandatory syllabus in an engaging way.

This online course provides you with the resources, worksheets, recipes and a breakdown of a potential scope and sequence and lesson plans within the unit of work. It also includes an investigation into the syllabus outcomes and objectives for the TECHNOLOGY MANDATORY YEARS 7–8 SYLLABUS (2017).

The focus of this course is entirely based on Agriculture and Food Technologies from the Technology Mandatory syllabus and planning to incorporate the general capabilities and personal and social capabilities.

We will also guide you through the cross-curriculum perspectives and other areas identified as important learning for all students. Topics such as food and fibre production, nutritional needs, sustainable production of food, sensory properties of foods and safe and ethical work practices will be covered to assist teachers in presenting this content in a fun and contemporary way.

With Carly’s experience as a university lecturer and experienced teacher, she will provide you with tips and strategies to engage your students in studying the syllabus.

Resources you will receive:

  • Annotated Syllabus
  • Unpack It – 40-page Teacher Handbook
  • 79-page PowerPoint presentation of the course

Year 7 – Grow & Thrive – Agriculture Unit

  • Year 7 syllabus Grow and Thrive unit of work and lesson plan
  • Grow and Thrive – 27-page student worksheets booklet
  • Year 7 Agriculture and Food assessment task and marking criteria
  • Agriculture and Food Technologies Grow & Thrive Design Brief
  • Agriculture and Food Technologies Grow & Thrive Design Folio

Year 8 – Fantastic Food

  • Year 8 Fantastic Food Technology unit of work and lesson plan
  • Fantastic Food Technology – 22-page student worksheets booklet
  • Fantastic Food Technology – 17-page recipe worksheets booklet
  • Fantastic Food Technology assessment task and marking criteria


This course is fantastic for teachers who are teaching Stage 4 TECHNOLOGY MANDATORY YEARS 7–8 SYLLABUS (2017) who wish to enhance their strategies, content knowledge, resources and worksheets.

Session 1 – Unpack It

  • Assessing the suggested placement of syllabus outcomes and dot points
  • Examine the general capabilities and how they can be included
  • Deconstruct the requirements of the key terms used in the syllabus and literacy strategies

Session 2 – Grow and Thrive (meeting the following outcomes)

  • Importance of food and fibre production to Australia’s food security and economy including imports and exports from Asia
  • Evaluate environments that have been designed in consultation with community groups
  • Select, justify and use a range of appropriate tools and techniques in an agricultural project and/or food preparation
  • Investigate how food and fibre production is managed in environments as a system and how sustainability can be improved
  • Research legal and ethical requirements associated with agricultural production

Session 2 – Fantastic Food

  • Identify and apply safe and ethical work practices
  • Explore the nutritional needs of a group of people
  • Investigate and communicate how a recipe can be improved to enhance nutritional value, and justify the recipe adjustment
  • Investigate the characteristics and properties of a variety of nutritious foods
  • Explains how people in technology related professions contribute to society now and into the future

Delivery Format

Online course for teacher professional development. Once you’re enrolled, you have 24/7 access to fit around your busy schedule!



Completing Online Technology Mandatory – Agriculture and Food Technologies will contribute 5 hours of Elective PD addressing 2.1.2 and 6.2.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

Teaching Standards

2.1.2 Proficient Level – Apply knowledge of the content and teaching strategies of the teaching area to develop engaging teaching activities.

6.2.2 Proficient Level – Participate in learning to update knowledge and practice, targeted to professional needs and school and/or system priorities.

Please be advised: This is a live recording of the course, we have taken precautions to try and provide quality audio and video. However, please be mindful there may be areas of this course where the audio needs to be adjusted.

Please Note:

  • Purchasing 1 (one) course above will allow access for 1 (one) individual teacher to access and complete the online course.
  • Select “Group” when purchasing 2 (two) or more of the course.
  • The quantity of a single course you purchase will be the quantity of teachers you’ll be able to enrol and will be included in the group. For example, if you purchase 3 (three) of a course, you will be able to enrol 3 (three) teachers, or 2 (two) teachers and yourself.
  • The person who places the order is assigned as the ’group leader’. The group leader is able to enrol the additional teachers for the purchase group.
  • To be eligible to purchase additional licences to use the resources, one member of faculty from your school will need to be enrolled in the online course. If your school is eligible, email [email protected]
    for more information on additional licences.

61 reviews for Online Technology Mandatory – Agriculture and Food Technologies

  1. (61)

    Thao Pham-Fong, Holy Spirit Catholic College Lakemba (Verified user)

    Overall great resources and direction. Although I did have problems accessing and watching videos that are on Vimeo, luckily I have seen the suggested ones in Unpack, but it is mainly the ones in Grow & Thrive I need to review again. Can there be a link posted under the video that does not require Vimeo, one I can access direct to Youtube?

  2. (61)

    Mardi Morris , Vincentia High School

    I absolutely love the resources and simplicity of how each stage is designed.

  3. (61)

    Juliana Leslie, Wingham High School (Verified user)

    Has been good. Thanks for the few resources I could print – but I really want all that Yr 8 program stufff that I havenot been able to print. The Yr 7program only printed the back page – so I don’t have that either. Another document only gave me the very last page as well – I would like the first ten pages. I don’t understand why the tally is only showing 69% – I’ve been here since 7;30am this morning. I hope I can still get back in once I finish here.

  4. (61)

    Jenny Lloyd, Shoalhaven HS (Verified user)

    Good new resources for literacy and Numeracy

  5. (61)

    Nicole Grubb, Holy Spirit College,Bellambi

  6. (61)

    Donna Kirkwood, Hawkesbury High School (Verified user)

    An unbelievable amount of work. I really appreciate how hard you have worked to deliver a quality course, and to include everything we need to enable us to deliver. My only comment would be that for my clientele, i would like all extra and inclusive activities to be tied into one booklet to ensure that work is not lost.

  7. (61)

    Shakti Maforimbo, Norwest Christian College (Verified user)

    This is so helpful. I loved that I could do it online as well. Thank you.

  8. (61)

    Michelle Thompson, Richmond Christian College (Verified user)

    I am not Tech trained (I’m PDHPE) so I soak up all the information and resources I gain from doing your courses. Having completed your courses has increased my confidence in administering and teaching the new syllabus. I am looking forward to using your units and all the fun activities and learning experiences. It has made me excited about teaching a subject in which I am not trained. Thank you!

  9. (61)

    Jyotika Maharaj, Griffith High School

    Great course online

  10. (61)

    Jennifer Wrightson, Yanco Agricultural High School (Verified user)

    Great value. Terrific resources. Well presented.

  11. (61)

    Elaine Bunyan, Junee High School (Verified user)

    Well presented and easy to follow even though completing it online. Great resources that were fully explained.

  12. (61)

    Briony Fenton, St Andrew’s Christian School (Verified user)

    Well presented. Easy to understand & follow! Enthusiasm plus!! So inspiring! Amazing resources!!

  13. (61)

    Julie Hassall, St Philip’s Christian College Gosford (Verified user)

    Takes the hard work out of programming and deciphering NESA requirements. Very well structured, engaging unit for students and teachers, provides excellent scaffolds and differentiation

  14. (61)

    Rachael Young, St Mary’s Catholic College Gunnedah

    Very clear, thorough and creative!

  15. (61)

    Michelle Churchill, SHoalhaven High School (Verified user)

    Great resources. So easy to use and understand.

  16. (61)

    Emma Riley, Baradine Central (Verified user)

    Excellent great explanation of course and great resources to go with it.

  17. (61)

    Emma Thomson, Pacific Hope Scool (Verified user)

    Enjoyed the idea’s for the hands on activities, the ICT and very impressed with the scaffold worksheets and differentiation embedded within the program.

  18. (61)

    Susan Bodiam, Macquarie Anglican Grammar School (Verified user)

  19. (61)

    vanessa Sullivan, Kiama High School (Verified user)

    Very enjoyable and overwhelming at times but hoping I can go back to this sight at times when required later.

  20. (61)

    Tracey Black, Inaburra School

    The amount of resources contained within the course is unbelievable. I loved being able to pause, find the page in the book or program and then get going again. I think I will need to watch it all again once I have started teaching the units as there is so much to take in with a lot of the content being new .

  21. (61)

    Emily Deighton, wagga wagga christian college (Verified user)


  22. (61)

    Carolyn Massingham, Hawkesbury High (Verified user)

  23. (61)

    Areeya Nipathakosol, Canterbury Boys High School (Verified user)

    Providing a useful information; giving the right direction of how to teach Stage 4 Food Tech

  24. (61)

    Lurene McCleary, Corowa High School (Verified user)

    great teaching resources to use

  25. (61)

    Michael Pfeffer , Dapto High School (Verified user)

    Well explained, easy to follow and very informative. Love the resources as well.

  26. (61)

    Long Nguyen, Fairvale High School (Verified user)

    The videos were a great help. I just wish there were more options and activities for the agriculture focus, and more recipes.

  27. (61)

    Amanda Meldrum, Bellingen High School (Verified user)

    Thorough and fabulous resources for class

  28. (61)

    Karen Cooper, Tenterfield High School (Verified user)

  29. (61)

    Katherine Evonly, Central Coast Steiner School (Verified user)

    Detailed information, excellent strategies, helpful tips about new syllabus and great resources

  30. (61)

    Sally Malone, Batemans Bay High School

    Fantastic course that had excellent resources which can be used across the curriculum.

  31. (61)

    Annika Jenkins, Pacific Coast Christian School (Verified user)

    Always so brilliant in everything The Happiness Mission do. So interactive and engaging even as an online PD. Very worth while.

  32. (61)

    Tony Van den Driest, Shearwater Steiner School (Verified user)

    Informative and inspirational. Great range of stimulus material and resources offered

  33. (61)

    Elise Furlong, Regents Park Christian School

    Excellent units – I really enjoy teaching the Textiles unit and look forward to completing these two units with my classes.

  34. (61)

    jemima Collins, Lumen Christi Catholic College (Verified user)

    I am teaching stage 4 and this has helped me so much.

  35. (61)

    hayley mahoney, st gregs college

  36. (61)

    Amelia Ayoub, Just Graduated (Verified user)

    It really helped me understand the requirements of the new syllabus

  37. (61)

    Suzanne Cooke, Muifield High School

    Great resources to use and work from for all learning levels

  38. (61)

    Vanessa Green, Kempsey Adventist School (Verified user)

    Loved the valuable information, resources and how it was presented.

  39. (61)

    fran Davis, Carroll College (Verified user)

    some of the links did not match what they said they were. Excellent resources very worthwhile

  40. (61)

    Ingrid Jackson, Hay War Memorial High School

    Thank you!

  41. (61)

    Elly Summers, Coonamble High School (Verified user)

    Awesome way to deliver course – could complete over a few weeks when i had time. Extremely fantastic resources and lesson ideas. You have saved me my xmas holidays. only suggestion that I could make to the resources – and I know every one will say this – is to make them editable. E.g I have Staged classes, not just Yr 7 and Yr 8, so even just an editable cover, or even call them stage 4, rather then yr 7 yr 8.

  42. (61)

    Elizebeth Prants, Pendle Hill High (Verified user)


  43. (61)

    Yasmeen Afzal, Amity College (Verified user)

    Really enjoyed and the resources are fantastic.

  44. (61)

    Holly Anderson, Trangie Central School (Verified user)

    Get delivery with fantastic resources. Will do another course with The Happiness Mission.

  45. (61)

    Trudi Sanchez, Belmont Christian College (Verified user)

    Great doing it at my on pace online

  46. (61)

    Melissa Wood, Sapphire Coast Anglican College (Verified user)

    This was fabulous, so much to walk away with and all delivered in a way that is understandable and doable- thank you!

  47. (61)

    Lynda Thompson, Batemans Bay High

    Great inspiration acquired from your lecture.

  48. (61)

    Hilal Raziq, Birrong Boys

    Excellent resources

  49. (61)

    Pamela Hassarani, Birrong boys (Verified user)

    Excellent Resources

  50. (61)

    Jesse Jeanes, Bellingen High (Verified user)

    Great range of engaging resources and ideas.

  51. (61)

    shaza el hage, canterbury boys high school (Verified user)

  52. (61)

    Tim Ravenscroft, SCC (Verified user)

    Well planned and well resourced

  53. (61)

    Nicole Koch, Chifley College Dunheved Campus (Verified user)

    Very informative, fantastic resource packs

  54. (61)

    Kristina King, Monaro High School (Verified user)

  55. (61)

    kalynda murphy, mulwaree high school (Verified user)

    Well organised, very useful resources

  56. (61)

    Christene Storok, Camden Haven High School (Verified user)

    Well researched and resources were relevant to the syllabus

  57. (61)

    Kylie Chapman, Kiama High School (Verified user)

    Great course, fantastic resources.

  58. (61)

    Tara-Jane Ireland, Lake Cargelligo Central School (Verified user)

    Lots of great resources

  59. (61)

    Lorraine Driscoll, Lockhart Central School (Verified user)

  60. (61)

    liam austen, erina high (Verified user)

  61. (61)

    Emma-jane Muller, Lightning Ridge Central School

    Great, love the reources and the presentation from Carly

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