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These Number Talk slides for Grade 1 or 2 are a brilliant encouraging way for your students to show what they know about the different the various aspects of their math learning.


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These Number Talk slides for Grade 1 or 2 encourage your students to show what they know about the different the various aspects of their math learning.

They can be used in so many ways- e.g. as a class warm up, small group work, partner work, at the end of a math session. Young students love using their mini whiteboards that they have in the classroom. What a perfect way for students to document their learning and then show it to a friend, small group or the class.

What’s included:

  • PDF – 250 slides
  • Teacher PowerPoint– 250 premade slides
  • 1 PDF– student worksheets for time, area and length

The following slides are included:

  • Number Sense- 24 slides
  • Addition – 25 slides
  • Subtraction – 23 slides
  • Multiplication and Division – 21 slides
  • Fractions – 23 slides
  • 2D shapes- 21 slides
  • Length- 12 slides – 5 student cards slides
  • Area- 23 slides- 1 B/W worksheet, 1 colour worksheet
  • Time – 24 slides – 2 colour analog and 2 B/W analog clocks, 2 colour digital and 2 B/W digital clocks worksheets
  • Money- 15 slides
  • Data- 14 slides
  • Chance – 10 slides
  • Position – 3 slides

For Australia:

Aligned to Australian Curriculum, NSW Outcomes & Numeracy Progressions V3.


*Includes ALL future updates


*Great for classrooms, home-school families

 *Print and Digital


Please read my TOU that is included in this document first, as many questions are answered there. This is for use by one teacher in one classroom. If you would like to share with your colleagues, PLEASE purchase a multiple license. Thank you :)

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