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Nutrition Panel Decoder with Worksheets for Food Tech and PE – Digital Download

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Nutrition Panel Decoder with Worksheets for Food Tech and PE – Digital Download

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Product Description

Do your students have difficulty understanding nutrient requirements for various groups within the life cycle? Do they struggle to interpret nutritional information panels?

This resource includes student friendly activity sheets for years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. Each nutrition panel decoder explains how to understand nutritional information panels in a simple manner. The nutritional panel decoder is suitable for secondary students and presents a clear visual structure which increases engagement and learning in the classroom.

Pack includes:

  • 10 x A5 double sided nutrition panel decoder for:
    • Pregnant women
    • Infants
    • Childhood
    • Preteens
    • Adolescent boys
    • Adolescent girls
    • Adult women
    • Adult men
    • Elderly women
    • Elderly man
  • 11 pages of student activity sheets suitable for years 7, 8, 9,10 and 11.
    • 2 page worksheet activity for Years 7 and 8
    • 2 page worksheet activity for Year 9
    • 2 page worksheet activity for Year 10
    • 5 page worksheet activity for Year 11


Nutritional information panels outline the components of a processed food and if students can understand the tables with clarity, they can make more informed choices. Understanding and accessing nutritional panels is also imperative to Food Technology content throughout Stage 4, 5 and 6.

This resource includes 10 A5 double sided ‘decoders’ ready to be used in your classroom. Print them for students who can cut out the square in the middle to place over a variety of nutritional panels. Alternatively, you could print them twice to make a class set, laminate them and have them ready to use in any lesson. The decoders are accompanied by activity sheets pitched at different ability levels to assist students to further develop their skills and knowledge.



Food Technology, Technology Mandatory – Agriculture and Food Technologies, Health and Physical Education/PDHPE.

We’ve linked up the worksheets to the Technology Mandatory – Agriculture and Food Technologies, Stage 5 Food Technology and Stage 6 Food Technology NSW Syllabus. However, you can use these in any area where you would like to assist your students with understanding and accessing nutritional panels.


NSW Syllabus Links:

STAGE 4: Years 7 or 8 (ages 12-14)

2-page worksheet activity

  • Explore the nutritional needs of a group of people e.g. adolescents, toddlers.
  • Acquire and interpret data, for example: nutritional information panels, e.g. saturated fat, sugar content.
  • Plan nutritious dish(es) to suit a group within society

STAGE 5: Year 9 (14-15)

2-page worksheet activity

  • Investigate nutritional requirements throughout the life cycle, for example: pregnancy, infancy, adolescence.
  • Plan and prepare nutritious meals to meet the needs of specific groups throughout the life cycle


STAGE 5: Year 10 (ages 15-16)

2-page worksheet activity

  • Describe nutritional requirements for each stage of the lifecycle.
  • Investigate Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI) for various life stages and design and prepare meals to meet specific groups.

STAGE 6: Year 11 (ages 16-17)

5-page worksheet activity

  • Investigate the recommended dietary intake of energy, protein, vitamins and minerals for particular individuals and groups using appropriate data such as RDI tables in print or electronic format
  • select foods to provide a balanced intake of nutrients for particular individuals and groups to meet a variety of nutritional needs
  • use suitable preparation methods to optimise the nutritional value of foods
  • assess meals/diets in regard to meeting nutritional needs throughout the life cycle
  • plan, prepare, present and evaluate meals/diets that address the needs for optimal nutrition throughout the life cycle



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