Australian Designers Research Activity

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Australian Designers research activity. Includes 7 Australian designers for use in Design and Technology


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This resource includes 7 different sheets each depicting an Australian Designer who have made significant achievements in their chosen industry. The worksheets are designed to help students research using the Internet and other sources, gain an understanding of the life of the designer. The activity is intended to be used as a research activity but could also be used as a reading comprehension activity, a homework task, a pre-test of knowledge or a post test to test content retention. There are many other ways that a teacher may be able to use this and similar activities in the TPD store.


Designers included in this resource are:


  1. Harry Seidler
  2. Marc Newson
  3. Sibella Court
  4. Akira Isogawa
  5. Collette Dinnigan
  6. Carla Zampetti
  7. Francis Greenway (Added 27.7.23)

How could this activity be used?

The sheets all depict different Australian designers.

1. It would be possible to distribute all 6 resources randomly around the class for students to complete their own independent research, or, alternatively, the teacher may choose to create small groups who will work together on the biography of one of the presented designers.

2. Students can conduct individual research using their personal device, the school computer room or by utilising the school library. You may wish to have the students work in groups of two or individually to complete the work sheet.3. Students can be called on to provide answers to questions following their research.
4. The teacher may wish to use the worksheet as a pre test, testing knowledge that the students may have prior to study.
5. The worksheet could be provided as a homework task
6. The worksheet can be used as an emergency extra or substitute lesson when the usual teacher is not present.
7. Students can be given a writing task after conduction research to write a short biography using information they have gathered.






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