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This is a PDF file. There are activities where the student writes an original sentence using a visual prompt. They then have a closer look at the image and break it down into

Who – using a maximum of 4 adjectives to describe what they can see.

What– what did they do? Adverb- describing how they did it.

When it is happening

Where it happened

Why it happened

How it happened or how the main character feels.

They then then write 2 sentences on a scrap of paper and on the sheet write their favourite one. This can be printed onto A3 paper.

Use this resource for…

✔ Homework

✔ Morning Work

✔ Literacy Centres

✔ Early Finisher Tasks

✔ Sentence Writing Intervention


Please read my TOU that is included in this document first, as many questions are answered there.

This is for use by one teacher in one classroom. If you would like to share with your colleagues, PLEASE purchase a multiple license. Thank you 🙂


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I have taught students in K – 6 for over 30 years as both a classroom teacher and Technology RFF teacher. I am here to help make life a little easier as you program and create resources for your classroom. Programming and creating should be as light as a Butterfly’s Wings- hence the name.