Diet Related Disorder Diagnosis

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Food Technology Topics


Diet Related Disorder Diagnosis is a fun way for students to learn about the nutrients that cause diet related disorders and their symptoms.

This resource has been designed to cater for Year 12 Food Technology students studying Contemporary Nutrition Issues. This resource includes a range of activities that you can use to familiarise students with the relationship between nutrient intake and diet related disorders.

Students work through the PowerPoint where they can revise 12 diet related disorders that result from under and over nutrition. They will then be given a chance to ‘diagnose’ diet related disorders based on 12 scenarios included in the PowerPoint. The first activity and worksheet has been included in this resource pack to allow students to make notes on each of the diet related disorders and determine which nutrients the ‘patients’ are lacking or consuming too much of.

The second activity and worksheet allows students to plan a nutritionally appropriate meal for a person from the scenarios. Students are given a scenario card and then tasked to work collaboratively to create a meal to help their person better manage their diet related disorder.

The third activity and worksheet allows students to practise their extended responses ahead of the HSC with the describe scaffold.

These activities can be used in a variety of ways to best meet the needs of your students and save you time planning new resources and activities.

Pack includes:

  • 1 x 30 slide Diet Related Disorder Diagnosis PowerPoint with answers.
  • 12 x Diet Related Disorder Diagnosis cards.
  • 1 x 4-page Diet Related Disorder Diagnosis scenario worksheet.
  • 1 x 2-page Diet Related Disorder Diagnosis meal plan worksheet.
  • 1 x 2-page describe scaffold and extended response.
  • Lesson plan and teacher instructions.


Relevant to:


9.4 Contemporary Nutrition Issues

Students learn about:

  • physical effects and economic costs of malnutrition (under and over nutrition) and diet related disorders
  • health and the role of the diet in the development of conditions, including obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, food sensitivity/intolerance/allergies

Students learn to:

  • describe the relationship between nutrient intake and dietary disorders

Contributes to


ACT BSSS Food Science and Nutrition A/T/M

QLD QCAA Food & Nutrition General Senior Syllabus 2019

SA SACE Nutrition Stage 1 and Stage 2 2021

TAS TASC Food and Nutrition: FDN315118 Level 2

WA SCSA Food Science & Technology YR 12 ATAR  

WA SCSA Food Science & Technology YR 11 ATAR

Britain AQA GCSE Food Preparation & Nutrition (8585)

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