Policies and Legislation are Different

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Policies and legislation are an exceedingly difficult concept to teach. This resource helps to show students that policies and legislation are different and tests their understanding in a variety of ways over two comprehensive lessons.

As students often find it confusing to distinguish the difference between policies and legislation this resource is vital for any HSC Food Technology Teacher. Use this resource to help students strengthen their understanding in a super rich task. This resource examines a range of policies and legislation that are relevant to food technology. It provides students with the opportunity for collaboration, group work, autonomous learning and questioning. Students can then apply their knowledge to a variety of questions on a comprehensive worksheet. Teachers answers and instructions are provided to give extra clarity.

Use this resource to ensure that your students understand the difference between policy and legislation and can recall this information for their HSC.

Pack includes:

  • 3x A3 Digital Posters
  • 6-page student worksheet
  • 7-page Teacher Answers and Instructions
  • 5-page Policies and Legislation Cheat Sheet

Relevant to:


Australian Food Industry
Policy and Legislation

H1.2 examines the nature and extent of the Australian food industry.

Students Learn About:

  • government policies and legislation (local, state, federal) that impact on the Australian food industry including legislative requirements for labelling

Students Learn to:

  • identify significant government policies and legislation and explain their impact upon the Australian food industry

May potentially be relevant to:

QLD QCAA Food & Nutrition General Senior Syllabus 2019

Topic 3: Labelling and Food Safety

  • analyse consumer rights and transparency issues related to food labelling legislation (FSANZ),

Topic 4: Developing Food Solutions

  • principles of food science, food safety and legislation related to the context

SA SACE Food & Hospitality Stage 1 and Stage 2

Area of Study 3: Political and Legal Influences

  • contemporary workplace practices, conditions, and legislation related to the food and hospitality industry
  • the impact of relevant legislation in relation to food production, storage, distribution, service,

and contamination.

TAS TASC Food & Hospitality Enterprise: FHE215116 Level 2

Core Area 1: Hospitality and food production systems

Safety and Hygiene

Food safety and hygiene including:

  • personal hygiene and presentation standards, food safety, including:

– food safety plans and systems

– perishability and storage of food commodities cleaning procedures

– relevant legislation and standards:

  • Food Act 2003
  • Food Standards Code (Food Standards Australia New Zealand)
  • Environmental safety work practices including:

– Work Health and Safety Act 2011.


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    Carolyn McCann (Verified user)

    auNew South Wales, Australia

    I loved it – this would otherwise be such a ho hum topic it is great to see some colourful resources that add interest. Thank you so much

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    Carol Roulston (Verified user)

    auNew South Wales, Australia

    Really Really helped the students

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