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Science Safety provides students with a comprehensive introduction to hazards and safety in the Science laboratory!

Students can learn about the safety rules of the Science lab and the hazards that may be present in the PowerPoint presentation. They can then complete the questions in the corresponding worksheet to help reinforce their new knowledge.

Also included in this resource pack is a lesson plan with teacher instructions which provide suggestions for use.

This resource has been designed as an introduction to Science safety, aimed at Stage 4, Stage 5 and Life Skills students. However, it can be used with students from a range of stages and learning levels and is also perfect for safety revision.

Pack includes:

  • 1 x 21-slide Science Safety PowerPoint.
  • 1 x 5-page Science Safety worksheet.
  • Lesson plan with teacher instructions.


Stage 4


>      follows a sequence of instructions to safely undertake a range of investigations types, collaboratively and individually SC4-6WS

Planning Investigations

WS5.2 Students plan first-hand investigations by:

d. describing safety and ethical guidelines to be addressed

WS5.3 Students choose equipment or resource for an investigation by:

a. identifying suitable equipment or resources to perform the task, including safety equipment and digital technologies

Conducting Investigations

WS6 Students conduct investigations by:

b. assembling and using appropriate equipment and resources to perform the investigation, including safety equipment

f. performing specific roles safely and responsibly when working collaboratively to complete a task within the timeline

Stage 5

Conducting Investigations

WS6 Students conduct investigations by:

b. safely constructing, assembling and manipulating identified equipment


Life Skills Stage 4


Planning Investigations

  • identifying safety rules when using scientific equipment and materials in an investigation

Conducting Investigations

  • following safety rules when using equipment and tools in an investigation

Chemical World: Properties of Substances

  • describe the need for safe use and storage of household chemicals, including strategies to minimise harm
  • explore and/or participate in the safe use and storage of household chemicals


Contributes to:

ACARA Australian Curriculum Science Years 7-10


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