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Textiles Safety provides students with a comprehensive introduction to hazards and safety in the Textiles classroom!

Students can learn about the safety rules of the Textiles classroom and the hazards that may be present in the PowerPoint presentation. They can then complete the questions in the corresponding worksheet to help reinforce their new knowledge.

Also included in this resource pack is a lesson plan with teacher instructions to help make implementing this resource as simple as possible!

This resource has been designed as an introduction to Textiles safety, aimed at Stage 4, Stage 5 and Life Skills students. However, it can be used with students from a range of stages and learning levels and is also perfect for safety revision.

Pack includes:

  • 1 x 18-slide Textiles Safety PowerPoint.
  • 1 x 4-page Textiles Safety worksheet.
  • Lesson plan with teacher instructions.



TE4-3DP selects and safely applies a broad range of tools, materials and processes in the production of quality projects

Material Technologies

Researching and planning

  • select and justify the safe use of tools and equipment used to create a design solution

Producing and implementing

  • demonstrate safe, independent and collaborative work practices in the production of designed solutions

Life Skills Outcomes:

TELS-4DP follows safe practices in the use of tools, materials and processes for design projects

Material Technologies

Producing and implementing

  • identify risks in the production of a design solution and ways to improve safety
  • use tools and equipment safely in the production of a specific design solution, for example:
    • wear personal protective equipment (PPE)
    • report faulty equipment

Testing and evaluating

  • evaluate their design and production skills, for example:
    • time management
    • collaboration
    • safe use of tools and processes




TEX4-10 uses techniques and equipment safely in the production of quality textile projects

TEX5-10 selects appropriate techniques and uses equipment safely in the production of quality textile projects

Project Work


  • select and safely use textile equipment to construct a quality textile item, for example:
    • plan and produce a safety procedure for project work
    • threading and operating the sewing machine safely
    • safe use of cutting equipment, dressmaker scissors, rotary cutters

Life Skills Outcomes

TEXLS-7 demonstrates safe practices in the use of equipment and the implementation of techniques

Project work


  • identify and apply safe work practices when transferring textiles equipment, for example:
    • handling and passing scissors
    • carrying heavy sewing machines
  • identify and apply safe cutting-out procedures, for example:
    • cut out on a flat surface
    • use fabric scissors
    • check pattern layout before cutting
  • identify and apply safe work practices when using a sewing machine, for example:
    • follow classroom safety practices
    • thread machine prior to turning on
    • safe position of hands when the machine is in use
    • avoid sewing over pins
    • turn off power when machine is not in use
  • identify and apply safe ironing techniques, for example:
    • adjust the ironing board to the correct height
    • iron fabrics at the correct temperature
    • turn off iron when not in use


Contributes to:

ACARA Australian Curriculum Design & Technologies YRS 7-10
ACT BSSS Design and Textiles (2020)
QLD QCAA Fashion Applied Senior Syllabus (2019)
SA SACE Design, Technology and Engineering (2020)
TAS TASC Design and Production (2016-2021)
VIC VCAA Product Design & Technology (2018-2023)
VIC VCAA VCE VET Applied Fashion & Technology (2018)
WA SCSA Materials Design and Technology Yr12 (2020)
WA SCSA Materials Design and Technology Yr11 (2016)


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