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Digital Technologies Professionals Activity Pack

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Digital Technologies Professionals Activity Pack

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Product Description

Digital Technologies Professionals Activity Pack

This resource pack is aimed at exploring how people in technology-related professions contribute to society now and into the future within Digital Technologies.

The poster format of these terms is broken down into a clear, simple, and visual structure to increase literacy and learning in the classroom.

 Pack include:

  • 9-page student activity with marking criteria
  • 20 x A4 posters (physical pack laminated)
    • Peter Thiel (PayPal)
    • Shuntaro Furukawa (Nintendo)
    • Elon Musk (Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, Boring Company)
    • Steve Jobs (Apple, Pixar)
    • Rohit Prasad (Amazon Alexa)
    • Sundar Pichai (Google)
    • Jeff Bezos (Amazon)
    • Mark Zuckerberg (FaceBook)
    • Evan Spigel (Snapchat)
    • Reed Hastings (Netflix)
    • Tim Cook (Apple)
    • Ginni Rometty (IBM)
    • Jack Dorsey (Twitter)
    • Daniel Ek (Spotify)
    • John Kodera (Sony)
    • Devin Wenig (Ebay)
    • Susan Wojicki (YouTube)
    • Satya Nadella (Microsoft)
    • Marissa Mayer (Yahoo)

After students are initially introduced to these leading professionals, they will then have the opportunity to complete the outcome-based task where they are presented with a number of facts exploring technology and society.

Students are asked to discuss their initial thoughts in regard to the impact of technology of society. Students then conduct further research into their chosen professional exploring the company they currently work for and their most prominent work. Using the explain scaffold students explore the cause or purpose of their chosen professionals work and the effect their work has on society.

The last activity is offered to stretch students critical and creative thinking where they consider the current impact of the work on society and how they think the professionals work will contribute to society into the future. A marking criteria is also included to provide feedback to students.


Relevant to:

Technology Mandatory Syllabus – Digital Technologies stage 5

  • explains how people in technology related professions contribute to society now and into the future TE4-10TS


ZIP File Type: PDF (Acrobat) Document File and Word Document for task sheet only

ZIP Downloadable File Size: 7.6MB | 29 pages

Resource Type: Outcome Task, Activity

Disclaimer: If you have attended or are enrolled in Technology Mandatory – Digital Technologies – The Amazing Game, the 2-page activity sheet in this resource is included in your course resource pack..


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