Woodwork Lessons for Busy Teachers Set 4 – “Printable Safety Tests”

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If you are looking for printable safety tests as an alternative to completing tests online, this set of safety tests should work for you. Currently 5 tests General Woodwork Safety, Disc Sander, Drill Press, Wood Turning Lathe, Cordless Drill


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If you are looking for printable safety tests for your class, this set of safety tests should work for you. These classroom activities are a little different from sets 1, 2, and 3. They have been designed to provide testing opportunities for students’ knowledge of safety-related information specific to various machines or tools used in woodworking classes.   How to use this resource The safety tests within this teaching resource have been designed as a paper based safety testing resource. They can be used as an alternative to online safety testing when paper records of students work is preferred or more convenient.   1. They could be used as a pre-test prior to instruction being given so as to test current knowledge. 2. The teacher may choose to use these to test or reinforce knowledge after safety instructions and demonstrations have been given. 3. Use the tests as an additional activity when the regular classroom teacher is absent and practical lessons can not continue. (Set 1 – Safety)   Each test or quiz includes an answer sheet.   This resource contains safety tests for the following woodwork tools and equipment.   1. General Woodwork Safety 2. Disc Sander 3. Drill Press 4. Wood Turning Lathe 5. Cordless Drill 6. General Woodwork Safety (SOLUTION) 7. Disc Sander (SOLUTION) 8. Drill Press (SOLUTION) 9. Wood Turning Lathe (SOLUTION) 10. Cordless Drill (SOLUTION)   Each test has been formatted to allow for quick printing of individual lessons and each allows for students to write their name and the date the activity was completed. Answer sheets are included for each of the 5 tests.  


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