Art Beat the Box

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Beat the Box is an exciting game that keeps your students engaged with Visual Arts content!

Hand a Beat the Box worksheet to each of your students. Students are asked a question related to Visual Arts and record as many answers as they can in the beat the box worksheet. Keep asking questions until a student fills all the boxes and yells ‘I beat the box’!

Also included is a lesson plan with teacher and game instructions to ensure implementing this resource in the classroom is as simple as possible.

Art Beat the Box is fun game that can be used with students from a range of learning levels and stages and can be differentiated as necessary.

Pack includes:

  • 1 x Art Beat the Box worksheet with example questions (PDF).
  • Lesson plan with teacher instructions.

Contributes to:

QLD QCAA Visual Art General Senior Syllabus 2019 Syllabus

QLD QCAA Visual Arts in Practice Applied Senior Syllabus 2019 Syllabus

SA SACE Visual Arts Subject Outline 2021

WA WACE Visual Arts Y12 Syllabus ATAR GD

WA WACE Visual Arts Y11 Syllabus ATAR 2016 GD

WA Visual Arts K-10 Syllabus

ACT BSSS Visual Arts A/T/M 2017-2021

VIC VCE Visual Communication Design SD 2018-2023

VIC VCE Studio Arts SD 2017-2022

VIC VCE Art SD 2017-2022

Britain AQA GCSE Art and Design (8201, 8202, 8203, 8204, 8205, 8206)

Britain AQA AS and A-Level Art and Design

TAS TASC Art Making Level 1 ART110117 2017-2021

TAS TASC Art Practice Level 2 ART215217 2017-2021

TAS TASC Art Production Level 3 ART315117 2017-2021

TAS TASC Art Studio Practice Level 3 ART315214 2014-2021

TAS TASC Art Theory and Criticism Level 3 ARA315116 2016-2020

TAS TASC Preliminary Arts Stage 1 Level PRE PRA005119 2019-2023

TAS TASC Preliminary Arts Stage 2 Level PRE PRA005219 2019-2023

TAS TASC Preliminary Arts Stage 3 Level PRE PRA005319 2019-2023

TAS TASC Preliminary Arts Stage 4 Level PRE PRA005419 2019-2023

TAS TASC Visual Art Level 2 ART215117 2017-2021



ACARA Australian Curriculum Visual Arts YRS 7-10


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