Environmental Impacts of Textiles

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Get your students aboard the sustainability train through the exploration of the environmental impacts of textiles.

Use this resource to guide your students through a variety of environmental impacts, including:

  • Water Pollution and Depletion
  • Climate Change
  • Habitation Deconstruction
  • Landfill & Pollution
  • Microfibres

Explore contemporary innovative solutions that involve recycled fibres and natural dyeing techniques.

This resource includes a PowerPoint presentation and student worksheets that go hand in hand. You can use this resource to facilitate a whole class collaborative approach, or you can set students up to use this resource as an opportunity for autonomous learning.

Teacher instructions are also provided to give you clarity. This resource can be differentiated at your discretion based on the needs of your students.

Pack includes:

  • 16 Slide PowerPoint
  • 2-Page Student Worksheet
  • Teacher Instructions


  • investigate the potential impact textiles production has on the environment, for example: (ACTDEK044)
  • pollution, eg fast fashion’s contribution to landfill
    • recycling, eg plastic bottles recycled to make fabrics
    • resource management, eg reducing toxic chemicals used in the dyeing process

VIC Product Design and Technology 2020

Unit 1: Sustainable product Redevelopment
Area of Study 1: Sustainable redevelopment of a product

Outcome 1

Key knowledge

  • the environmental, economic and social impacts associated with the origin/source, manufacture, use and disposal of products
  • impacts of unsustainable products and resource use on environmental, social and economic systems

Unit 2: Collaborative design

Area of Study 1: Designing within a team

Outcome 1

Key Knowledge

  • economic, environmental and social issues of sustainability related to design

Unit 4: Product development and Evaluation

Area of Study 1: Product analysis and comparison

Outcome 1

  • environmental, economic and social issues associated with products that may be of concern and consequence to potential purchasers and end-user/s.

WA Yr11 Materials Design Technology Syllabus ATAR 2016 GD

  • investigate environmental impact of the textile industry
  • growing, extraction and processing
  • manufacturing, packaging, and distribution
  • end-of-life of a product – recycling and safe disposal

WA Yr12 Materials Design Technology Syllabus ATAR 2016 GD

  • impact production, processing and use of textiles has had on society and the environment:
  • historical impact
  • current impact


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