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Engage your students with this Agriculture and Food Technologies games pack. Includes three games for you to use in the classroom; Beat the Beanstalk game, Farm Bingo and Feed Me.

Students learn a variety of aspects from the Technology Mandatory – Agriculture and Food Technologies Syllabus. Including but not limited to; predicting ideal conditions for growth and development of an agricultural plant or animal, communicate recipe improvement or enhancement and identifying safe work practices.

Pack includes:

Beat the Beanstalk:

  • Beat the Beanstalk game colour, laminated poster (3 x A4 posters)
  • 52 Beat the beanstalk game cards
  • 30 Beat the beanstalk colour, laminated game tokens
  • Beat the beanstalk instructions for play
  • 54 Beat the beanstalk game questions based on the Technology Mandatory Agriculture and Food Technologies Syllabus

Feed Me:

  • 6 Feed Me colour, laminated posters
  • Feed Me instructions for use
  • Post-it-notes for students to attach to the Feed Me posters, which predict what food type is required for each animal or vegetable for correct growth.

Farm Bingo:

  • 24 Farm Bingo colour, laminated cards
  • Farm Bingo teacher calling card, with a variety of skill level questions for each item, to suit a variety of learners.


Beat the Beanstalk is aimed at involving students on both a theoretical knowledge and kinaesthetic level.

  1. Students sit in a circle facing the board where the Beat the Beanstalk game poster is blu-tacked. The teacher’s role in this game is to ask the questions and moderate fair play.
  2. The deck of card is in the centre of the table.
  3. All students select a fruit or vegetable as their game token.
  4. The first to begin the game the person whose birthday is closest to the date of play. Passed birthdays do not count.
  5. The person who is in takes a card, reads it to the class and then answers a question (asked by the teacher) accordingly. The game continues in a clockwise motion unless reversed. If you land on a troll, you must pick up a second card.
  6. Whoever reaches the highest point of the beanstalk at the end is the overall winner.

Feed Me is aimed at involving students in predicting optimum food and growth of development of animals and plants.

  1. Teacher blu-tack’s the six ‘Feed Me’ posters around the room.
  2. Student’s using Post-it Notes write a prediction of what foods are required to feed each animal.
  3. The teacher then reads aloud responses and suggests other correct foods that could be fed to each animal.


Farm Bingo is aimed at testing student’s knowledge of specific food and agricultural animals. The teacher uses the cryptic calling card, ready outs each item until there is BINGO winner.


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