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    Three of the biggest factors in classroom management are sorted in this teaching resource: organisation, managing downtime and positive relationship building. (Contact us to find out more about classroom management strategies.) In the classroom, there are always stragglers who drag their feet or others who are ready, bored and waiting for the lesson to start, and both of those scenarios can cause mischief-making moments.
    Particularly useful for new teachers or substitute teachers, these Fun Time Fillers are designed to require no resources and are simple to kick start. They are separated into three groups: numeracy related, literacy related and socialisation related. They generally take 5 minutes, but can be extended to suit your needs. Pick your favourites and make them an everyday tool as you move from lesson to lesson. For many children, these are powerful opportunities to consolidate learning, or to build important social skills.
    Once children are familiar, you will find that just by saying, “Let’s play a game …” many children who are otherwise distracted will immediately be engaged. Once the game is over, you have their attention and are able to give instructions to transition into the next task.
    Enjoy this toolbox of ideas that challenge children’s thinking, helping them learn while having fun, with and no-prep required for the teacher! Winning!

Fun Time Fillers Sampler

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Twenty practical and fun activities that require no resources! Use them for lesson transitions, time fillers, lesson openers or motivational rewards … and they’re perfect for substitute teachers!


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  • Games
  • Icebreaker activities
  • Mental Health
  • Primary
  • Socialisation
  • Wellbeing
  • Year 3
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