Grounding for Children x25

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Comprehensive and practical information for teachers and parents to assist children in managing their emotional wellbeing. Includes an introductory article and over twenty quick and simple techniques to help children feel grounded and in control. 


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Research has shown that grounding techniques are effective in assisting children in developing self-regulation in times of emotional crises.

The attached article clarifies the benefits and outlines the various approaches to grounding. 

Included here are twenty-five strategies that are suitable for children to implement independently. The majority of them require no resources and a few require resources that are readily available in any classroom or home.  

It is important to note that this strategies are best implemented in a state of calm and negotiated or co-planned with the child. 

They are at their most effective when they have been practised multiple times, outside of a crisis moment. When a crisis moment arrives, the child or adult can use the ‘prompt’ or word cue to remind the child of the strategy. 


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