Grief Activities for Children 1-5

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Five gentle, but practical directed activities that can be completed as a class, a small group or as an individualised project for children who are experiencing grief or loss in some form.


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If you are looking at this resource, you are most likely an adult who has a grieving child in their care. What an important, privileged and challenging role this is. Thank you for caring enough to investigate these activities! Included are some great resources and services that will further inform you, but here are a few basic strategies to assist in your approach to grieving children that we believe will be helpful to them.
These activities combine literacy skills with creative expression, grounding techniques and wellbeing strategies. For some children, these ‘soft’ arts are not their comfort zone. If that seems to be the case with the child in your care, consider adapting the activities, by taking the principles and applying them to a context of interest, like playing football in a park, or finding relevant music lyrics. Contact us for more ideas on this.
Also note, the language in most of the activities assumes an upper-primary level of reading skill. The poetry might seem a little mature, but you will be surprised how many children understand the gist of poetry like this, once individual words have been explained, as necessary. Go gently. If necessary, stay a week or a month on one activity before going on to the next one. Allow the child in your care to direct the pace, as well as the depth with which you proceed through this journey. Your job is to simply accompany.


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