Attention Building 1-10

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Ten five minute activities to improve attention and focus, for the classroom or for homework. Perfect for transitions or early finishers. Suitable for primary students. Answers included.


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In the last 15-20 years scientists have made huge leaps in discovering how the brain functions, and also how to strengthen it. We have leaned that the frontal lobe (prefrontal cortex) is responsible for much of our higher level cognitive function … our reasoning, logic, comprehension and learning capacity.
These activities focus on the combination of decoding, visual-spatial perception, filtering and concentration, all of which take place in the frontal lobe. They are an uncomplicated way to help students train their brain and are designed for students to use on their own or with partners. They are quick activities that shouldn’t take more than five minutes. They do not require any other resources.
They can be used as transition tasks between lessons or as an early finisher’s task.


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