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    Are you ever stuck for creative writing ideas?
    Would you like to give your students short, sharp literacy tasks?
    Would you like to stretch your students’ critical thinking skills?
    Do you want give more opportunities for oral presentations (but don’t want to sit through hours of speeches)?

    Then you have found the right resource!

    These ‘Would you rather’ questions provide opportunities for discussions, debates, creative writing, argument writing, oral presentations, dramas or even artwork.
    Simply print them, cut them and store them in a box to pull out each day, or whenever you have 5 minutes free for a quick, fun and creative literacy task.

    IDEAS FOR USE … (although the list is endless!)
    * Create a daily journal of ‘Would you rather’ questions and answers: children must write in full sentences and explain their choice with at least 3 brief reasons in points.
    * Create an artwork showing what each scenario would like.
    * Write an argument text based on one of the choices, giving at least three reasons for your position.
    * Write a discussion text based on one or both of the choices – perhaps together with a partner who has an opposing view.
    * Choose two children to dramatise the question choices.
    * Create a debate where three children argue each side of the choices and the class votes on which team had the most convincing argument (not which choice they would have chosen).
    * Use as a springboard for creative writing:
    * children choose one scenario to write about, or
    * children write about a situation where a character might be faced with both choices, or
    * children write two stories with the same characters and setting, but show alternate choices (like a ‘Choose your own adventure’ story)

Would you Rather …? Sampler Topic Questions

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A list of 20 quick topic questions, all revolving around personal choices. Quirky or serious, all will help your students think critically. ALSO, CHECK OUT OUR SET OF 243 WOULD YOU RATHER QUESTIONS, TO LAST THE WHOLE SCHOOL YEAR!


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