Scale Drawing Series 1-10

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Ten fun drawing activities for primary students, improving visual-spatial perception and fine motor skills. Funky, gender-neutral pictures that increase in difficulty.


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These tasks assist in the development of visual-spatial perception (used in decoding words, reading, spelling, mathematical concepts and much more), as well as fine-motor skills (crucial for handwriting) and hand-eye coordination (used in handwriting and other mechanical tasks). They are designed to be gender-neutral and to increase in difficulty. They do not require any other resources, besides a pencil and eraser. Students may like to colour their final drawing, or go over it with a thin black marker.
The first four activities require the student to duplicate the image, square by square. The next 4 four tasks comprise two increasing and two decreasing in size. The final two are both quite challenging. Task 9 requires the student to double the image which is a more intricate design and the Task 10 is a cartoon with lots of detail, which is the final challenge for this series. Encourage your students to take their time, explaining that the brain is learning and being stretched, regardless of how well the image turns out.  Keep reminding your students that every time they focus, they are strengthening neural paths and helping their brain to do their best.


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