Life Skills What Am I? Textiles Technology Activity

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Students identify the equipment and materials needed to complete a textile item that may be found in the textiles classroom.

This activity encourages students to familiarise themselves with the textiles room including the tools and equipment they will use to create textiles items. Students can observe the images provided and recognise and name the items. A teacher answers sheet is also provided.

‘Life Skills Textiles What Am I?’ can be shared with students digitally, easily printed or differentiated for individual students needs at the discretion of the teacher (through the pdf files provided).

Pack includes:

  • 5-page Student worksheet activity (16 items)
  • 5-page Teacher Answers

Resource Type: Digital Resource – PDF Document

Relevant to:

Textiles Technology Years 7-10 Syllabus – Stage 5 Life Skills


TEXLS-7 demonstrates safe practices in the use of equipment and the implementation of techniques


  • identify materials, equipment and techniques needed to complete a textile item, for example:
    • fabric, pattern, notions, yarns, fibres
    • sewing machine, silk screen, crochet hooks, looms
    • embellishing
    • textile item, eg apparel, cushions, wall hangings, French knitted mats, electronic device cover
    • techniques, eg sewing, weaving, knitting, crocheting, felting, macramé, embroidery, dyeing, basketry, ironing, pressing


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