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Engage your students in learning about the seasons with this fun Seasons Snap resource!

This is a versatile resource played using the same principles of traditional snap. The game should be played in groups of 4 and the deck should be dealt out evenly into piles of cards. Each snap card features an image associated with each of the four seasons.

Each player starts with their decks face down and places cards onto the pile without looking at them beforehand. If a player places a card on top of a card that is identical, whoever snaps the pile fastest wins the round and they add the pile of cards to their existing hand. Keep playing until there are no cards left.

The cards can also be used for a variety of other fun games that will also engage your students in learning about the seasons. The instructions for these games are included in the lesson plan.

A worksheet has also been included in this resource to help reinforce your students’ knowledge of the seasons.

This resource is fantastic to have on hand for fast finishers! It can be used with students from a range of stages and learning levels.

Pack includes:

  • 20 x Seasons Snap cards.
  • 1 x 2-page Seasons Snap worksheet (PDF).
  • Lesson plan with teacher and game instructions.


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