Sense It! Life Skills Food Technology Activity

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A fun and engaging sensory activity to help students connect sensory properties to foods.

This resource was created to help life skills students describe the sensory properties of food items. This task allows students to examine a range of foods provided by the teacher. Students then describe them according to their sensory experience.

Students have the opportunity to draw and annotate these products to help develop critical and creative thinking skills. There is a word bank included to inspire students and introduce them to descriptive words that can be applied to the senses.

This resource can be extended and/or differentiated at the teachers’ discretion to meet the individual needs of their students.

Please note – The students do not eat these foods they will just be predicting taste or recalling taste from a previous experience unless instructed otherwise by the teacher.


  • 3-page Student activity
  • 1-page Teacher instruction sheet

File Type: PDF (Acrobat) Document File


Relevant to:

Food Technology Years 7-10 Syllabus – Stage 5 Life Skills


  • recognises the relationship between food properties, preparation and processing FTLS-2


Students Learn About:

  • use their senses to identify properties of common foods, for example:
    • texture, eg crisp carrots
    • odour, eg sour milk, sweet strawberries
    • colour, eg overripe bananas
    • taste, eg sour lemons
    • touch, eg the firmness of ripe fruit and vegetables



P2.2     identifies and explains the sensory characteristics and functional properties of food


Sensory characteristics of food

  • sensory characteristics of foods, including appearance, odour, taste (flavour) and texture (mouth feel)
  • sensory assessment of a variety of foods

Steps in food product development

  • testing product prototype, eg sensory evaluation, consumer testing, packaging tests, storage trials



  1. (0)

    Sonya Hume (Verified user)

    auNew South Wales, Australia

    Great intro for any year on Sensory Assessment. The scaffold of descriptive words very useful for expanding vocabulary and great for EALD

  2. (0)

    Wendy Smith (Verified user)

    auQueensland, Australia

    This resource has been fantastic for our 7-9 classes as it has given them words and prompts to describe their food.

  3. (0)

    Emma-Jane Muller (Verified user)

    auNew South Wales, Australia

  4. (0)

    Cindy Skirving (Verified user)


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